Even as a child I was fascinated by horses. Their warm smell still makes me feel good. In 2012 the mare Wookie came into my life – the horse of my heart. And this horse took me on a journey that was as unexpected as it was wonderful.

During an injury break for my horse, I was looking for a gentle way to release tension and compensation patterns in the horse’s body. I discovered The Masterson Method®, which made a profound difference in my work with horses. I read the book “Beyond Horse Massage” by Jim Masterson, watched the videos and tried the first techniques. Inspired by Wookie’s progress, I signed up for a weekend seminar in May 2021. After that, it was clear to me that I wanted to complete the entire training program.

I successfully completed the Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner certification in April of 2023. The training was very intensive with hands-on treatments, case reports and coaching sessions, as well as extensive theoretical content such as anatomy, disease patterns and conformation analysis. It was during this time, especially the search for the “primary issue” or root cause, that my perspective on many topics such as training, hoof care and nutrition changed significantly.

As a trained coach for people, I have found many of the elements of systemic coaching in the Masterson Method®. As so often in life, it is about listening and being understood. Our horses are also in need of being listened to and being understood. If we allow ourselves to do so, it is very rewarding for both horse and human. It is with this attitude that we can make a difference.

Since 2023 I have a mobile practice for equine bodywork using The Masterson Method®. I work in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Contact Information
Bargteheide, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany