Anissa has always loved horses. She went from barn to barn looking for a feeling she would get sometimes when brushing the horses, a feeling she would not quite get from taking lessons. After a long break, she decided to volunteer at a local barn to learn how to feed, turn out the horses and yes.. muck out the stalls. That’s where she met her first love, Chester, a 20 yo Arabian horse. She did some hunter jumper with him and then decided to purchase her own horse, a green, 3 yo anglo-Arabian named Gatsby. He taught her everything she knows today – how to truly listen and create a partnership with your horse. She did a bit of dressage, jumping, working equitation, equine agility, trail rides and LOTS of groundwork and liberty with him. 

Anissa also has her own company that promotes everything related to the well being of the horse, including organizing webinars and clinics with specialists from all over Québec, Canada. Her mission is to share knowledge in order to help every horse and rider/horse owner she can. 

When she stumbled upon a video of the Masterson Method®, she was amazed. She somehow knew she needed to embark on a new journey and get certified. Her first weekend of learning the techniques brought back that feeling she had been looking for ever since she was little: true connection and trust with a horse. There’s nothing in the world like it. Anissa is comfortable with any kind of horse, even the hot/anxious ones, due to her own experience with Arabians and her horsemanship expertise (always with a calm and comprehensive approach). Looking forward to meeting you and your horse 🙂  

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