Ever since she was a little girl, Sonia has always felt fascinated with horses, with the beauty of their souls and their noble and generous character. For years she has been learning and studying to understand their nature, how to establish a relationship with them and how to help them. Through this learning journey, she decided to make it her life’s aim to do anything that she could to help improve the communication between people and horses, so that they could benefit mutually, and also that horses could lead a better life. She started studying an Equine Therapy postgraduate, and thanks to it, she could see how much people with different issues could improve just by riding and/or establishing a relationship with horses. On the other hand, she also observed that many horses really needed some kind of therapy themselves after having worked as a ‘therapist’ for the human, but unfortunately this was not always perceived by their caretakers. That is when she started to take an interest and study several kinds of therapies to help horses release their tensions, which in some cases had been held for very long. Soon she came across The Masterson Method® and she realized that it was a really powerful method to help horses release physical and emotional tensions and that that was exactly what she had been looking for to become a practitioner of. Sonia is based in Barcelona and is willing to travel.