I was born and raised in America, I have always been horse mad I can’t even remember when it started. Since my parents had no background in horses, I had to learn everything from scratch which has led me in all directions. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia that my dream would lead me down a path with horses that I never considered possible. It first started with Bowen therapy for horses and people which I thoroughly enjoyed but felt something was missing. I saw Jim 8 years ago at Equitana and thought what a wonderful way to work with the horse to solve issues that were happening in the body. At the time I would have had to go back to America to learn this new method which wasn’t possible with young children. About 4 years ago I attended a weekend course with Tony Horsley which proved how amazing this method is. I then decided I needed to do the 5-day Course when Jim came out not knowing I would then decide to become a practitioner. The Masterson Method has answered the missing part of my work that I was searching for to help horses. I love the concept to ‘work with the horse’ and not doing the move ‘to the horse’. I now help horses to overcome issues that would have stopped them from being the best they can be. It goes along with my Equine Learning work of helping the people understand themselves better, by working with horses, so they can be the best versions of themselves. I work with horses from all sorts of backgrounds from performance to a person’s best friend they all need and respond to the method. My main modality is The Masterson Method it covers all areas where the horse needs releasing. Like the Eagle soaring to great heights to see the whole picture but also being able to hone in to see the vulnerabilities, discomforts, and inabilities that can hold them back from being the best they can be that is what I do at Soaring Horizons.

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Cohuna, Victoria, Australia