Julie had a brilliant start to natural horsemanship in her teenage years. Her riding was self-taught through feel although at the time she didn’t understand what she had. With a gap of 20 years, she was introduced to riding again where she felt and realized that she had lost the connection. After various incidents, she decided to purchase her own horse called Kiwi. This is where the re-learning began.

Kiwi has been her biggest teacher leading her on a discovery of various healing therapy modalities. Along the way she learned horsemanship through Monty Roberts and progressed on to Ken Faulkner who is an Australian natural horseman, who uses feel to work with the horses. Julie felt that Ken and Jim’s work had a connection.

She also learned Touch for Health, kinesiology, Reiki healing and gathered knowledge of herbs and essential oils to use with the horses on a self-select basis. This came from her gardening background.

Seeking further knowledge, a friend, who is a Bowen therapist recommended The Masterson Method is a great modality, this friend did a one-day seminar.
Julie had researched other methods of equine bodywork however she decided The Masterson Method was the one that uses intention, feel and importantly works with the horse’s responses. It works by releasing stress and tension in the key junctions of the body that affects performance. It gets under the radar of this prey animal’s survival response. You can get great releases and changes in both physical and emotional aspects. It’s all about listening to what the horse is trying to tell you.

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Hindhead, United Kingdom