A Mind Like Still Water Documentary (Streaming Only)

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This award-winning documentary, “A Mind Like Still Water”, features Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid, from their Considering the Horse Collaborative Clinic held the summer of 2019 in Littleton, Colorado. 

  • Director: Dylan Silver
  • Studio: Passion River
  • Media Format: NTSC, Subtitled

This is a 39-minute video.

The Equus Film Arts Festival awarded A Mind Like Still Water the 2022 Winner in the “Horses Helping Humans Feature Length” category, and awarded Dylan Silver, the director, the 2022 Runner Up for “Equestrian Director – Documentary”.


Once a year, world-renowned duo, horse clinician Mark Rashid and equine massage therapist Jim Masterson hold a dual clinic in Littleton, Colorado. Participants Mindy and Linda come to learn how to connect better with their horses, unaware of the vulnerability it will require of them. Although they anticipate a few days of simple tips and tricks to connect better with their horses, the participants quickly realize this isn’t an average workshop and that their horses aren’t the ones who need to change.  The more Mindy and Linda connect with their horses, the more they start to question how they’ve navigated their lives outside of horsemanship. In an emotional and life-altering week, they learn the art of softening, and let go of the truths they’ve held on to, until now.

A Mind Like Still Water proves it’s never too late for change.