Whole Horse Video Series: 14 Sessions Online Streaming

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One year at the Winter Equestrian Festival hunter-jumper circuit in Wellington Florida, Conley followed me around with a video camera (darn paparazzi are everywhere!), video-taping me working on the horses. Forty to sixty horses a week was a normal week for me during the winter there, and fourteen of those sessions we put on a set of DVDs we call the Whole Horse DVDs. The set has been available for purchase by anyone who has taken a Weekend Seminar and was, until recently, required material for certification. It’s no longer required as additional training video has been added to the certification course, but the Whole Horse DVDs are now available for purchase by anyone who has taken a Weekend Seminar OR who has done the Home Study Course.

This video series follows Jim Masterson working on his client’s horses at the Winter Equestrian Festival Horse Show. By following Jim into the stalls you get a bird’s eye view of Jim using The Masterson Method® techniques on different horses. All Whole Horse videos are a compilation of bodywork done on performance horses during a horses show season. Evaluations and Masterson Method® techniques were used during each of these sessions. These are not intended specifically as teaching videos, but as a “bird’s eye view” of Jim working on a variety of horses during the show season. Watching Jim working on horses is a valuable clue to timing, softness and level of feel

You can take a sample look here. Jim suggests since these videos are not instructional, that you purchase these videos after you have attended a Weekend Seminar or have completed the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course.

(5-Disc set)