Master the Method: Home Study Course for Advanced Students Only

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The Master The Method Advanced Home Study Course provides a system of learning that will help you learn on every horse! It is exclusively available to students who have completed our Advanced 5-Day Course in person. Whether a seasoned practitioner, in the middle of your Certification Fieldwork, or needing more guidance after the Advanced 5-Day Course, you will improve your sense of feel using this course.

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The course uses these pillars to support your learning:
  1. The Advanced 5-Day Course manual
  2. Videos of Jim demonstrating Weekend Seminar and Advanced 5-Day techniques
  3. Slow-motion Q&A videos with Jim helping you fine-tune your sense of feel
  4. Tools to improve your development of Deliberate Practice, practicing with intention and mindfulness

Prerequisite: This course may only be purchased by those who have attended the Masterson Method Advanced 5-Day Course.

IMPORTANT: Prices vary based on your Masterson Method education. Be sure to select your specific educational level in the drop-down menu below, and then answer the questions to verify.

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There are 80+ lessons in this course, including the following features:
  • Written guidance for each technique, including the purpose, goals, steps, anatomy, and safety tips
  • Videos of Jim demonstrating each technique
  • Videos of Jim answering questions about each technique – with slow motion review
  • The effective Deliberate Practice Guide and Practice Worksheet to focus your intention with difficult techniques or horses
  • Unlimited access to all of the contents of this course
The Advanced Home Study Course is meant to be used in conjunction with the following resources:
  • Advanced 5-Day Course Manual. This manual, received at the 5-Day Course, is embedded in the contents of this course.
  • Deliberate Practice Guide & Worksheets. This guide explains the Deliberate Practice steps (self-assessment, reviewing materials, choosing specifically how you will aim to improve your practice, practicing deliberately and mindfully, and reflecting on your work) and comes with blank Practice Worksheets.
  • Beyond Horse Massage book. This book contains valuable information on bio-mechanics and anatomy as well as detailed descriptions and photographs of the basic techniques taught on the Weekend Seminar.
  • Beyond Horse Massage video. This DVD/Streaming video accompanies the Beyond Horse Massage book and demonstrates the basic techniques taught on the Weekend Seminar. It is a very good reminder of the fundamentals of The Masterson Method®.
  • Advanced 5-Day Techniques Video (Phase I Techniques). This video demonstrates basic hand positions and performance of the advanced techniques taught in this Course and is provided to students afterwards. Many clips are embedded within this home study course as well.
  • Whole Horse DVD’s. These DVD’s (or Streaming option) are valuable in that they demonstrate different ways in which these techniques can be applied, combined, and transitioned into when working on different horses.
How to Access The Advanced Home Study Course: After your purchase is complete, you may access the Advanced Home Study Course by clicking on My Account at the top of the website page. Log in to your account by using the username and password you created when you set up your account. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see your receipt. For assistance, contact or call the office at 641-472-1312, Mon through Friday 9 am to 4 pm CST.