The Master The Method Advanced Home Study Course is exclusively available to students who have completed our in-person Advanced 5-Day Course. Whether a seasoned practitioner, in the middle of your Certification Fieldwork, or needing more guidance after the Advanced 5-Day Course, you will improve your sense of feel using this course.

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Each lesson includes Jim’s step-by-step instructions, tips for safety and softening, demonstration videos, new Q&A discussion videos, and numerous bonus videos.

  1. Minding the Gap: Developing “Deliberate Practice” (a cornerstone of this course)
  2. Overarching Principles of The Masterson Method
  3. Order of Techniques
  4. Softening and Yielding
  5. Bladder Meridian Technique
  6. Lateral Cervical Flexion (sample lesson)
  7. Head Up
  8. Tongue-Hyoid Release
  9. Head Down
  10. Scapula Releases
  11. Alternate Rugby Scapula Releases
  12. Under the Scapula
  13. C7/T1 Release
  14. T1 Through Withers Release
  15. Sternum Roll and Lift
  16. Hind End Release Points
  17. Sacrum Float
  18. Hind End Leg Releases
  19. Hamstring Massage
  20. Groin Release
  21. Accordions
  22. Psoas Points
  23. Lateral and Diagonal (ITP Release) Rocking
  24. Dorsal and Diagonal Arching
  25. Contraindications