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Dressage Movements Revealed DVD and/or Streaming


Enjoy this 175 minutes, 2 DVD set (or Streaming Option)

A great way to see the movement of a horse in action!  After painting the horse’s skeleton and muscles, we videotaped the movements that exhibit extension, collection, bending, and lateral movement.

Jim shares sport specific Masterson Method bodywork techniques, taught in the foundational Beyond Horse Massage video, to help riders meet the unique demands on the dressage horse.

Your Horse’s Brain: A User’s Manual


Enjoy the nearly SIX HOUR, two DVD set or streaming option.

Videotaped lectures by Dr. Peters on the horse’s brain will offer insights into their behavior. Included, Dr. Peters dissects a horse brain and discusses each region and its function.

Jim Masterson works on a horse and discusses how the horse releases tension from the perspective of Dr. Peter’s lecture.

Mark Rashid shows how to more effectively work with the horse using the science of horse brain function.


Beyond Horse Massage DVD and/or Online Streaming Option

Beyond Horse Massage DVD and/or Online Streaming Option


Enjoy the 80 minute DVD or Streaming video option!

The Masterson Method is an innovative form of bodywork that relaxes the horse’s body and relieves stress and pain in the muscles and connective tissue.

You’ll open doors to improving health and performance while building trust with your horse.

This video is a prerequisite to the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar Workshops.

Light to the Core DVD and/or Online Streaming Option

Light to the Core DVD and/or Online Streaming Option


Enjoy this 2 DVD set: 2 hours, 25 minutes of simple bodywork that has the ability to profoundly affect the deepest core of the horse’s body.

Using  3-D graphics to help you understand the interconnections inside the horse’s body, Jim shows specific areas of the horse where Light Touch can be most effective.

Jim ends the video with ideas for problem-solving common behavior and performance issues.


Whole Horse Video Series: 14 Sessions (5 DVDs or Streaming)

Whole Horse Video Series: 14 Sessions (5 DVDs or Streaming)


Jim suggests since these videos are not instructional, that you purchase these videos after you have attended a Weekend Seminar or have completed the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course.

Get a bird’s eye view of Jim using The Masterson Method® techniques on different horses. The videos are a compilation of bodywork done on performance horses during a horse’s show season.



Equine Massage for Performance Horses Online Streaming

Equine Massage for Performance Horses DVD and/or Online Streaming


Enjoy this 75 minute DVD or Streaming Option! – Jim Masterson’s first DVD videotaped in 2005.

Jim shows 24 specific techniques to loosen muscles, increase performance, and over 30 tips for a successful bodywork session.

Once you know the 8 responses to look for, you will know exactly where to work and for how long to work.