Beyond Horse Massage Book


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This practical book with step-by-step instructions, photographs and illustrations is ideally suited to accompany you to the barn, where you will practice The Masterson Method® techniques on horses. Expanded chapters with Tips & Techniques, anatomical explanations and examples from Jim’s practice help deepen your understanding. A “quick reference” section will point you to exercises that are specifically suited to your particular discipline, may it be dressage, endurance, eventing or barrel racing, or others in the vast realm of horse sports.

By using these techniques, and knowing the responses to look for, you are able to:

  • Achieve a release of accumulated stress in deep-seated key junctions of the horse’s body that affects mobility, comfort, attitude, training and performance
  • Restore muscular and structural balance, and natural alignment
  • Enable your horse to perform optimally and respond to your training without stiffness and pain.

** This book is required for the Equine Anatomy, Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course and the Weekend Seminar.