Beyond Horse Massage Easy-To-View Wall Chart

USD $22.95


Since the release of Beyond Horse Massage we’ve received countless comments from horse people on how much practicing this method has helped them and their horses, not only with performance but with communication and ultimately with relationship. Feedback and communication are good, whether you are horse or human.

This chart came out of a request from readers for a visual reminder to use in the stall when practicing the techniques taught in the book and DVD Beyond Horse Massage. It is easy to read, easy to follow, a lot easier to carry into the stall than a two pound book, and less expensive to replace if stepped on, eaten – or worse.

The Beyond Horse Massage book provides you with detail, background, and understanding of how this method works; the DVD provides you with visual guidance; and now this chart will give you a useful tool to take with you into the stall.

The wall chart is 11×11 inches and printed on a 250-gram “art board” with a varnish that makes it somewhat moisture resistant.  It is spiral bound and includes a brass grommet hole for easy hanging.

Thanks for including this wall chart in your tack box. It’s our hope that it will inspire and help you in your continuing journey towards improved performance, communication and relationship with your horse.