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Sherbrooke, QC, Canada, Global

Sylvie grew up in a little village located in the north of Quebec, Canada. She spent most of her youth watching wild animals, sometimes rescuing them, and taking care of cats and dogs at home.

At some point in her life she wanted to be around horses. She started dressage riding lessons and got her first horse, Dream. "I was not aware Dream already had many issues when I got him, she said. He was not using his body properly but as many horses do, he was doing his very best with me".

Sylvie discovered the Masterson Method because she wanted to help Dream. She started with the book and DVD and experienced some Masterson techniques on him.

"From the beginning Dream loved everything about Masterson! He was my best teacher ever and the reason I became a certified practitioner. He taught me to slow down, to breathe, to listen and to be attentive to his smallest signs of release."

Sylvie has worked on dressage, trail, jumping, western pleasure and lesson horses. She loves to put her nose in every anatomy book to have a better understanding of what she is doing. She is currently volunteering in an equine therapy setting to help as many horses as she can. "I learned from every one of them!" Her goal is to help owners and horses through their own journey together and to make The Masterson Method known in Quebec.


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Phone: 819-679-0705

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