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Ongar Green, Ireland, Global

Sheaffe Monteith has been involved with horses since a child, getting her first riding lessons in a near-by school and graduating to the local trekking centre where she spent her weekends and summers trail-riding around the Wicklow Mountains.

Education and a move to the 'big smoke' of Dublin took precedence for a few years, but after a bet with her husband, Anthony, she was encouraged to take up riding again. Sheaffe however, was looking for a more permanent career with horses, and as Anthony was a human therapist, he helped her search the internet for accessible equine therapies. That's how she found Jim! Like many others, she bought the DVD, practised the methods and was hooked. She spent the next five years practising Jim's techniques and studying a variety of natural horsemanship methods.

Finally, after introducing Jim into Ireland in 2009, Sheaffe received her practitioner certificate in June 2011. She is now using the Masterson Method™, along with her Equine Touch qualification, to help horses in the Leinster area of Ireland.

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