Here is our directory of Masterson Method Certified Equine Practitioners. Additionally, you can find practitioners enrolled in Continuing Education to continue their learning in equine welfare topics and Masterson Method bodywork skills, above and beyond their rigorous certification accomplishments. Finally, click here to find Masterson Method Equine Specialists to bring this work into equine-assisted services programs.

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Aileen Henrich, MMCP
Haiger, Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Germany
Alex Seth-Smith, MMCP
East Sussex, United Kingdom
Alexandra Davies, MMCP, Coach, Instructor
Johannesburg, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Ali Brown, MMCP
Wilmslow, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Alice Ross, MMCP
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Alison MacLeod, MMCP
Dingwall, Scotland, United Kingdom
Allison Hamilton, MMCP
Southbury, Connecticut, United States
Masterson Method
Amanda Anderson, MMCP
Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, United States
Amanda Klucas, MMCP
Clontarf, Minnesota, United States
Amber Fies, MMCP
Purcellville, Virginia, United States
Amelia (Amy) Sterling, MMCP
Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States
Amy Alford, MMCP, Instructor, Coach
Gilroy, California, United States
Amy Libby, MMCP
Appleton, Maine, United States
Andrea Jacomini, MMCP
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Andrea Kalmanek, MMCP
Bloomfield, Indiana, United States
Angie Gaudy, MMCP
Folsom, California, United States
Anne Bailey, MMCP, Instructor
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Masterson Method
Anne Barker, MMCP
Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Anne Niles, MMCP
Ozark, Alabama, United States
Masterson Method
Annette Popovich, MMCP
Palmdale, California, United States
Annette Schonabaum, MMCP (KY)
Alexandria, Kentucky, United States
Arron Haggart, MMCP
Crawford, Colorado, United States
Attila Moricz, MMCP
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Barbara McCann, MMCP
Belmont, California, United States
Masterson Method
Becky Blevins, MMCP
Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States
Becky Mertens, MMCP, Coach
Berkeley, California, United States
Bernadette Bos, MMCP
Seneca Falls, New York, United States
Bianca Kolk, MMCP
Steenwijk, Overijssel, Netherlands
Bobbie Long, MMCP
Etna, Wyoming, United States
Bonnie Flitsch, MMCP
Rochester, Minnesota, United States
Masterson Method
Brenda Messick, MMCP
Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States
Brenda Thompson, MMCP, MMES
Loveland, Colorado, United States
Brian Mosbery, MMCP
Raynes Park, United Kingdom
Bridget Kinnell, MMCP, Coach
Columbus, North Carolina, United States
Bruno Ryffel, MMCP
Schwyz, Switzerland
Caren Stankus, MMCP
Sibstin, Neustadt Holstein, Germany
Carla Ball, MMCP, Coach, Instructor
Moncure, North Carolina, United States
Carol Bracewell, MMCP
Crossgate Moor, United Kingdom
Carol Cunefare, MMCP
Durango, Colorado, United States
Masterson Method
Carol Grant, MMCP
Saffron Walden, United Kingdom
Carole Lotts, MMCP
Croston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Caroline Bennetts, MMCP
Ringwood, United Kingdom
Carrie Rothburd, MMCP
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Catherin Gunkel, MMCP
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Masterson Method
Catherine Anthony, MMCP
Biggleswade, United Kingdom
Catherine Fellows, MMCP, MMES
Worcester, New York, United States
Catherine Slaney, MMCP
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
Cathy Schreiber, MMCP
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Catt Castledine, MMCP
Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Ceiridwen Terrill, MMCP
Portland, Oregon, United States
Chantal Holder, MMCP
Erand Gardens, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Cherie Walker, MMCP
Lambourn, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Masterson Method
Cheryl Fell, MMCP, Coach
Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Chloe Falica, MMCP
Ocala, Florida, United States
Christie Koon, MMCP
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Christina Schnitzler, MMCP
Seevetal, Niedersachsen, Germany
Cindy Lattner, MMCP, MMES
The Villages, Florida, United States
Clare Hewitt-Stubbs, MMCP
Il Bisel, Kajiado, Kenya
Cody Hyde, MMCP
Blackfoot, Idaho, United States
Colleen Cathcart, MMCP
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada
Coralie Hughes, MMCP, Coach, Instructor
Coatesville, Indiana, United States
Coralie Hughes, MMCP, Coach, Instructor
Wickenburg, Arizona, United States
Masterson Method
Corinne Powley, MMCP
Bellevue, Washington, United States
Photo of Crissi McDonald with a horse at liberty
Crissi McDonald, MMCP
Estes Park, Colorado, United States
Cseni Szabo, MMCP, Coach
Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada
Cyndi Hill, MMCP
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Cynthia McClellan, MMCP
Tampa, Florida, United States
Daina Jackson, MMCP
Jerome, Idaho, United States
Masterson Method
Daniel Bontrager, MMCP
Westcliff, Colorado, United States
Daniela Rotteglia, MMCP
Johannesburg, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Danna Antoine, MMCP
State College, Pennsylvania, United States
Darlene Dubacher, MMCP
Wrightwood, California, United States
David Ospital, MMCP
Rohnert Park, California, United States
Dawa Fitzmaurice, MMCP
Nevada City, California, United States
Dawn Rick, MMCP, MMES
Sherrill, Iowa, United States
Deb Tome, MMCP, Mentor, MMES
Floyd, Virginia, United States
Deborah Topp, MMCP
Salem, Oregon, United States
Denise Montagne, MMCP
Reno, Nevada, United States
Devan DeStefano, MMCP
Elmer, New Jersey, United States
Diana Quinn, MMCP
Auckland, New Zealand
Masterson Method
Diane Dzingle, MMCP
Aiken, South Carolina, United States
Diane Fitzgerald, MMCP
Whiting, New Jersey, United States
Dianne Adel, MMCP, Coach
Woodacre, California, United States
Dixie Snyder, MMCP
San Jose, California, United States
Donna Clark, MMCP
Murphy, Oregon, United States
Elaine Hildreth, MMCP
Elgin, Texas, United States
Elan Panther-Fahy, MMCP
Auckland, New Zealand
Emily Gilbert Meszaros, MMCP
Denver, Colorado, United States
Emma Cassidy, MMCP
Kent, United Kingdom
Emma Grace Jones, MMCP
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
Erica Rothstein, MMCP
Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Erin Helvey, MMCP
Oregon, Wisconsin, United States
Félicie Moinet, MMCP
Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France
Flora Smith, MMCP
Atascadero, California, United States
Fredericka Warren, MMCP
Camillus, New York, United States
Gail Ritter, MMCP
London, United Kingdom
Gari Thompson, MMCP
Mill Valley, California, United States
Gina Kuttrus, MMCP
Elizabeth, Colorado, United States
Photo of Gretchen doing dentistry on a horse.
Gretchen Deane, MMCP
Williamsville, Vermont, United States
Heather Shandro, MMCP
Vegreville, Alberta, Canada
Heidi Powers, MMCP
East Hampton, Connecticut, United States
Heleen den Haan, MMCP
Wolfheze, Gelderland, Netherlands
Helen Cherry, MMCP
Moreton-in-Marsh, United Kingdom
Helen Epting, MMCP
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Helene Sigogneau, MMCP
Nord Bourgogne, France
Hilka Querl, MMCP
London, United Kingdom
Holly Sharman, MMCP
Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Ian Whiting, MMCP
Cornwall, United Kingdom
Iris Chasteen, MMCP
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Iris Reichelt, MMCP
Bad Fallingbostel, Niedersachsen, Germany
Isabelle Desaulniers, MMCP
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jamila Brummel, MMCP
Vaassen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Jane Kameny Brown, MMCP
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Jane Walker, MMCP
Ashland, Virginia, United States
Janet Stephen, MMCP, Instructor
High River, Alberta, Canada
Janne Maren Alonso, MMCP, Coach
Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany
Jenn Vereshack, MMCP, Mentor
Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
Jennifer Bober, MMCP
Aberdeen, Maryland, United States
Jennifer Hough, MMCP
Ledbury, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Jennifer King-Decker, MMCP
Wright City, Missouri, United States
Jennifer Rice, MMCP, Coach
Los Altos Hills, California, United States
Jennifer Sechrist, MMCP
San Jose, California, United States
Jennifer Verre, MMCP
Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Jill Austin, MMCP
Stillwater, Minnesota, United States
Jim Rushing, MMCP
Woodside, California, United States
JoAnn Zinn, MMCP
Takoma Park, Maryland, United States
Joanna Grochowska, MMCP
Katowice, Śląskie, Poland
Jocelyn Saunders, MMCP
Newark, Delaware, United States
John Hugo, MMCP
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom