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Cypress, Texas, United States

Marty is a former teacher and animal lover (all four-legged types!) who has been riding horses for several years. While still teaching school full-time, Marty began doing equine body work in her spare time, and became a certified equine massage therapist in 2015. Marty and her family relocated to Houston in 2016 and she started her business, Major's Horse Massage, a veteran-owned small business. (Marty is a former officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.) Starting over in a new town is challenging, but especially in the niche, word-of- mouth business of horse massage. Marty didn't see that as a struggle, because she LOVES being in the company of horses.

Horses are truly relaxed after a body work session; the visible results are amazing. Marty approaches each horse without preconceived notions; she can take a horse that isn't riding right, has an attitude, is in pain, and make subtle changes and improvements over time. Her clients' horses have seen improvements after a single session. Although equine body work is cumulative, knowing that you're helping the horse feel and perform better is gratifying. Marty takes pride in her work and many satisfied owners have entrusted their beloved horses into her care. Marty is committed to working with each horse and leaving them feeling better than before. Her slogan is 'a happy horse is a happy rider,' which as any horse owner knows, there's a great deal of truth in that.


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