Sarah has been riding and working with horses since 2001. She has a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Science with a minor in Equine Science from Penn State and currently manages a farm just outside of Pittsburgh. Sarah feels that the connection and bonding is what makes spending time with horses so special, and her introduction to the Masterson Method® in 2013 has helped her to deepen that connection. The most amazing facet of the work is the back and forth “conversation” between horse and human throughout the session. 

Throughout her time working with horses and going through the extensive Masterson Method® certification process, she has learned to really tune in and listen to the horse as she works and modify the direction of the session using that feedback. Sarah has seen great results from these interactive body work sessions in her own horses and many other horses that she has worked with over the years. She is excited to have the opportunity to share the Masterson Method® with others and help horses feel the best that they can!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States