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Jasper, Florida, United States

Jean is excited to have combined her 50 years' horse experience with The Masterson Method training to offer her clients' horses muscle relaxation, tension release, and whole-body rebalancing.

Raised in southern Wisconsin, Jean has: Served 3 years in the US Army in Kentucky; Obtained two Associate of Science Degrees in Tennessee, in General Business Administration and Office Occupations; and Graduated Parelli Level 2 Harmony in Florida in 2007. Her riding throughout the years has consisted of: Pleasure trail riding and horse camping; Competitive Trail Challenges; Ride n Tie Races; Obstacle Challenges; Student of Natural Dressage with Mark Russell since 2008. The knowledge she gained in horsemanship and dressage ignited a new search for her contribution to horses' well-being. Jean has studied: "The Science of Biomechanical Soundness" at Healthy Stride clinics; "Equine Light Therapy" at Photonic Health Institute seminars and "Equine Chiropractic" at Dr. Bill Hampton, D.C., seminars.

Jean's search for a mode of equine contribution led her to a Masterson Method weekend seminar in the fall of 2012. At that clinic she discovered equine bodywork that uses the horse's response to our touch to release tension and restore normal range of motion in the key junctions of the body that most affect performance.

Jean combined her sense of feel learned through natural horsemanship and natural dressage with The Masterson Method and began an amazing journey of relaxing, releasing, and rebalancing to enhance your horse's performance.

Jean is based in northern Florida and travels with her horse throughout the US during the summer months. She would be honored to work with you and your horse.

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Phone: 904-233-7172

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