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United Kingdom

After living a life without the friendship of an equine, I found myself in a situation where PTSD was dragging me down. I received life changing injuries as a result of Army Service in 1976 and it really caught up with me 2 years ago. I was lucky to have the chance to attend a 3-day Horse Sense for Stress Seminar and it was like somebody had flicked a switch. From then on I have worked to achieve a good knowledge through groundwork, riding, anatomy and The Masterson Method®. From sitting at home in a state of depression I am now able to help our equine friends. My other purpose is to help other Veterans find this great way to relax and I hope to be working with various Military Charities in the UK very shortly.

I am based on the Cornwall / Devon border and am quite happy to travel.

Contact: 07787437091 - if I don't answer it's because my attention is probably on a horse - please send a short text and I will get back to you asap.

Contact Information
Phone: 07787437091

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