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Warwickshire, United Kingdom

I previously certified in Equine Facilitated Learning with a view to coaching people facilitated with the horses’ feedback as intelligent, sensitive and unfiltered social animals. During the study of equine and human psychology, neuroscience and bio-social feedback systems we were encouraged to learn more about ‘Natural Horsemanship’ and viewing the horse as a partner in work. This was the start to looking at our relationships with horses in a totally new way and my interest in behaviour, both equine and human, continues to grow and evolve.

My interest in helping horses not to have such a hard time in the world increased. I could see that pain and behaviour are inextricably linked.  Then The Masterson Method® showed up on my horizon. It was a perfect complement to what I was learning. Fascinating as EFL was it didn’t make my heart sing in quite the same way that learning The Masterson Method® did, so I changed my focus to certifying in this method. I love that The Masterson Method® encompasses both physical therapy and the body’s own healing mechanisms, while still remaining ‘in partnership’ with the horse I’m with.

My approach to horse care is a holistic one, recognizing that the body is an integrated system where the whole environment has an impact on health, well-being and performance.

Orla is based in the centre of the UK, in Warwickshire.

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