Tomoko Sembongi is Japanese but has a strong connection to the United Kingdom. She spent her younger years in the UK and that was when she was bitten by the horse-loving bug. She carried that love into adulthood and when her husband’s work bought her back to the UK, she was straight into the riding schools, learning about everything she can. Fast forward 20 years and she is still in the UK, loving horsey life with two horses of her own. Having studied Molecular Biology her interest turned more to the inner being of a horse, and what keeps horses happy in their body and mind. She still enjoys learning about the subject. She discovered Masterson Method® while doing self-taught massage on her horse, looking for intuition on how to do better. She saw the videos and tried them on her and her friend’s horse. It made a huge difference. Then she read the book and attended the weekend seminar, and the rest is history.

She qualified as Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in May 2021 and is slowly building up the business since. She has also translated “Beyond Horse Massage” into Japanese, and she is also an instructor for Japan. She goes out to Japan once or twice a year, and she is happy to take an appointment for a session then. Other times, she is based in East Anglia near Newmarket, covering Newmarket & Cambridge and beyond.


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East Anglia, Newmarket, United Kingdom