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Hibbat Zion, Israel, Global

Nikki Kagan became a MM practitioner some years ago after completing certifications in both Equine acupressure and Reiki. She contends that The Masterson Method (MM) is extremely effective in helping the horse's nervous system "reboot" from body-held patterns of stress, habitual defensive movement cycles (that can cause resistance and stiffness) and trauma muscle memory. What's more, the MM approach to bodywork is both respectful and gentle, and very effective because it changes and heals from the inside out with lasting results. The fundamental difference between this method and other modalities is the role the horse plays in his own treatment. Through his responses, he guides the process of non-invasive touch and gentle movements-- safe in knowing that he gets to dictate how much is enough. Playing with horses at liberty to encourage their self-expression, The Masterson Method perfectly aligns with Nikki's approach to working with horses, since this approach only works when we create opportunities for the horse to "show" us what he is experiencing in the moment so we can respond appropriately.

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