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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

I have loved horses since I was very little (thank you, mom, for introducing me to one when I was 4 yrs old)! While growing up I tried to read every horse book ever written and offered to ride any horse within a 5-mile radius of our home. I was obsessed! We periodically owned a horse or two but never for very long due to life and it's interruptions. In the late 70's I was able to take lessons from a renowned classical dressage rider which introduced me to a new and wonderful way to communicate/ride a horse, very different from what I had learned previously. Of course, life interrupted and my interaction with horses was sidelined. In 1999 I was able to reintroduce horses into my life full time when we purchased a small farm. In 2002 I went to my first natural horsemanship clinic and it turned my life around. From then on, I wanted to pursue any/all education that taught me to be a better horse owner and to truly respect the horse. In 2009 I became PATH certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor and in 2011 I became certified in equine sports massage therapy and body balancing. I was introduced to the Masterson Method in 2015 and decided that I preferred those techniques over my previous learning. Now that I am MMES certified, my next step is to become certified as a MM practitioner and focus on rehabbing horses used in therapeutic riding programs.

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Phone: 517-647-1779

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