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Tonasket, Washington, United States

Jill began her journey with horses at the age of 4 when her father bought her and her brother their first ponies. A series of unfortunate events took her away from the farm and moved the family to the city, but she always vowed to return to the country. Her mother found a way to get her to riding lessons once a week and she soon joined the local pony club. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to lease a horse in high school and learned a great deal more than what her riding lessons and pony club had taught her in a very short amount of time. Once off to college, she was away from horses for a period, but took Horse Training and Management as an elective for her last 2 semesters and worked at another college stable on the weekends. She continually felt there was something missing for her in the horse world and hoped that one day she would own her own horse.

After many years of city life and touring the country with bands, she found the opportunity to move to a remote area in Washington with property bordering National Forest land. Several years prior to moving she had become licensed as a massage practitioner with the hopes of one day applying it to horses. Just after the move, she attended the Northwest School of Animal Massage for certification as a large animal massage practitioner. However, at that time, it seemed that a large percentage of people in her area were incredulous that massage to horses would even be considered, so this aspect of her massage career seemed to be on hold.

About a year after moving, she began riding a horse for a neighbor and the neighbor asked her to keep two horses for winter. Jill played with them daily, all the while preparing for the dream of her own horse. While horse-sitting over the winter Jill came across Beyond Horse Massage at the local library and began practicing on her boarders. After winter was over and the owner collected her horses, Jill received a phone call from the owner asking, "What did you do to my horse?" After riding her older Arab, the neighbor said she found him to be substantially more relaxed through the poll than he had been in years and possibly throughout his entire life.

Shortly after this, Jill got her first horse (Donnie D - a Rocky Mountain/Akhal Teke/Appaloosa). He was a very sensitive, unfinished horse and so the journey began. The spring after acquiring Donnie, she attended The Masterson Method® weekend seminar and began seeing profound changes in their relationship. Enough so that she decided to follow through with the certification to compliment her large animal massage certification.

Jill is happy to say that the people in her immediate area have become increasingly interested in the effects of equine bodywork. In addition, she has been able to spread her client base outside of her immediate area. She is also pleased to report that her relationships with Donnie, her Kiger mustang, Nugget, and her partner's Quarter Horse, Leo, have all flourished as a result of her practice of The Masterson Method®. She is passionate about the changes it has made in the horses she handles and enjoys hearing from those near her how positive the changes are for all of them (not to mention for her personally as well). She welcomes the growth of her equine practice as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. Jill is an avid reader and researcher, so she looks forward to adding several other modalities to her toolbox to complement this integrative technique.

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