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Mules & The Masterson Method® by Loni Langdon

Here’s something I really want to put out to the world… there’s nothing like a good mule! I love mules and I have a deep appreciation for Jim Masterson and his creation of The Masterson Method® of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. If you have mules in your life, understanding a few of The Masterson Method principles can really be a game changer if you want to improve performance, refine communication and/or deepen your relationship

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Bladder Meridian Technique

Goal: To bypass the Horse’s survival-defense response and connect directly with the part of the horse’s nervous system that holds and releases tension. The results: This simple yet powerful Technique establishes the basis of communication between you and the horse through touch and response. It puts you both on the same page, sets the tone for the interaction, and relaxes the horse and you. Applying the Technique Step 1 - SEARCH •

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Bat Girl – A Case Study on Mystery Lameness

What is the Masterson Method? The Masterson Method is a method of equine bodywork in which the practitioner reads and follows the responses of the horse to touch to allow the horse to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. A unique aspect of this process is that it provides a language through which the horse can tell the owner where tension is building in the body, and also

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A Labor Day Tail

It’s a beautiful, clear, cool (yes, cool) Labor Day morning in Iowa, and I decide to harness up Annabelle and Jeremiah for a nice, Labor Day drive.         Turns out it may not be such a labor-free Labor Day after all. Jeremiah, who is an expert at finding his way into the wrong pastures (who, me?),    has found his way into the really wrong pasture –

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Educational Friday 28) Questions with Scapula Release Down and Forward

28) Questions with Scapula Release Down and Forward Many of the questions about releasing the scapula down and forward can be answered in Educational Friday 25) Questions about Releasing Down and Back. There are differences in the way some of these issues are handled when bringing the leg forward. The answers to these are these below.   What if my horse begins to relax the leg down, then pulls up? As with the previous

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Educational Friday 27) Scapula Release Down and Forward

27) Scapula Release Down and Forward The goal of these techniques is to release and drop the scapula down and back, and down and forward in a relaxed state, beyond the normal relaxed range of motion. This will result in a release of tension in the muscles that attach the forelimb to the body, deeper muscles of the junction of the neck and withers, and key muscles that affect both the poll/atlas and the

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