Using the Horse’s Parasympathetic Nervous System to Release Tension from Past Incidents by Jim Masterson

It’s been my experience when working on horses that have had an accident in the past such as a fall; going over backwards; running into something; or an accident in a trailer, that the bodywork will often uncover what the horse’s body has been blocking out, sometimes for years. When an accident or incident such as this happens the nervous system gets jarred, similar to what might happen to us when we’re in a

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Mysteries of the Autonomic Nervous System By Megan Dushin

If you’ve seen Jim Masterson or a certified practitioner demonstrate The Masterson Method®, then you’ve seen what some common “releases” look like when a horse lets go of tension. A horse may lick and chew, shake his head, scratch himself, sigh or snort, rest a hind leg, yawn, etc. At first it may seem like magic. Here’s how Jim explains this phenomenon: Horses survive by blocking out pain and discomfort. If they show lameness

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How I found The Masterson Method® by Barbara Glass

I first became interested in The Masterson Method when my horse, Tye was injured with a tear in his hind suspensory ligament in 2011.  Tye had not been the happiest horse when I bought him the year before.  He had been placed in a corner stall at the barn where he lived because, I was told after purchase, he fought with the other horses.  He was demanding and aggressive when it came time to

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Bringing The Masterson Method® into Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy Programs by Megan Dushin

Jim Masterson focuses his practice and teaching of The Masterson Method® on the benefits to the horse. Yet, he will admit that this approach to bodywork reaches far beyond the obvious realm of helping horses release tension. He once said in conversation (as a few of us were reflecting on the personal insights gained from practicing this bodywork), “Who knew just touching a horse could be so transformational?” It heartens me to hear him

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Mules & The Masterson Method® by Loni Langdon

Here’s something I really want to put out to the world… there’s nothing like a good mule! I love mules and I have a deep appreciation for Jim Masterson and his creation of The Masterson Method® of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. If you have mules in your life, understanding a few of The Masterson Method principles can really be a game changer if you want to improve performance, refine communication and/or deepen your relationship

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Bladder Meridian Technique

Goal: To bypass the Horse’s survival-defense response and connect directly with the part of the horse’s nervous system that holds and releases tension. The results: This simple yet powerful Technique establishes the basis of communication between you and the horse through touch and response. It puts you both on the same page, sets the tone for the interaction, and relaxes the horse and you. Applying the Technique Step 1 - SEARCH •

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