By MMCP Barbara Glass

Hey Jim,

It was great attending the meeting today. I always learn something more from listening to and watching what you do. I also continue to learn while working on the horses – how to influence them through the bodywork and through intention and connection. It’s amazing how clearly they respond to my intention and to specific direction.

I see horses with behavioral issues learn how to trust and let go of their reactivity.

I finally got clients when I told my head trainer to give me four weeks of working weekly on her new horse who wasn’t trusting, who had injured himself in the stall and was becoming more reactive. She was able to appreciate his changes each week and started referring people to me.

I don’t really know why I’m telling you this – other than to say that it seems when I branch out more and more to what energy and intention do in the name of good for the horse – I see it in the horse and in me – and in other people as I did in the clinics in the beginning.

I worked with a horse who wouldn’t go forward. It was a funny thing. The trainer was on her back and asked for help. The horse and I had a conversation and I asked her to take just one step. She did. And then we continued our conversation – pretty soon she was trotting around with the trainer on her back. As long as I maintained a mental/energetic connection with her by standing in the arena and maintaining it- she kept going. Somebody asked me a question and I was distracted – and everything came to a halt. After another conversation – from a distance and a reminder to the horse that I was still with her – she went back to trotting. The trainer looked at me and said – my mind is exploding.

It is all so interesting. I feel like I see little miracles happen all of the time and I can’t really explain it in conceptual terms but I can show people how to feel it in themselves.

Horses get better and people get better. I coach equestrians who are scared and lacking confidence in their rides and in their lives. I will sometimes have them use their horse for a few sessions. We come back to the quiet they experience when doing the bladder meridian. This helps them find the quiet place inside themselves that they can begin to remember when they are scared. That along with coaching techniques I’ve acquired help me show them that the quiet they find in themselves can be seen in the horse and then…there is feedback to the person that they are creating this reality for the horse and for themselves.

Just thought I would share – my learning seems to keep expanding.

Best regards!


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Two photos courtesy of Cavallis.