How to Become Certified in The Masterson Method®

When Jim Masterson first began teaching Weekend Seminars, he was asked if there was a Masterson Method Certification program. Most often, this was asked by equine care and massage therapists looking to increase their knowledge and add effective tools to their toolboxes.

In 2008, due to popular demand, Jim began teaching a Certification Course in The Masterson Method, in both the United Kingdom and the United States, to those that wanted to use this Method as a career path in Equine Massage.

Jim began putting together a practical – as opposed to academic – program, in which he could pass on what he knew about getting results in performance.

Jim’s goal was to develop an equine massage school that would provide a systematic method that would make a difference in the horse, make a difference for the owner and trainer, and to make a difference in equine therapist’s businesses. It’s all about results. If you can get an improvement in performance, movement and comfort in the horse, they’ll call you back.

In 2012, we developed an online Field Work School site as a resource for our students going through the Certification Program. The online school is a centralized location students can go to find all the resources they need to be successful in the program, communication with a mentor, and a place to monitor their progress.

Since then our Certification has evolved and developed into what it is today, and attracts horse-people for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed here:

  • to improve professional skill as a therapist
  • to improve results as an equine competitor
  • to increase personal knowledge
  • to become a better all-around horse-person
  • for a better understanding of the horse
  • a sense of accomplishment

What Does Certification in The Masterson Method® Mean?

Certification in any discipline shows that you have put in the time, energy, and study to meet the standards of proficiency in that discipline. Masterson Method Certification shows that you have learned and become proficient in advanced Masterson Method techniques.

As there is no regulatory authority governing training in this type of equine bodywork in most states, and The Masterson Method certification is not under the auspices or authorization of any regulatory authority. A Masterson Method certification shows to a horse owner or veterinarian only that you have taken a course of study and become proficient in a specific type of equine bodywork.

As interest in alternative equine therapies grows and as more and more horse-people learn the value of The Masterson Method on their horses, it is our hope that the businesses of The Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) will grow with it.

Laws Governing the Practice of Alternative Therapies

The laws that govern equine massage and alternative therapies are different in each state. If you intend to practice equine massage and alternative therapies as a business, it is important that you become familiar with the laws of the state in which you plan to practice. It is also important that you talk with equine massage and alternative therapists in your area, as well as your veterinarian, to get a good practical understanding of how practicing in your area works.

Keep in mind that the purpose of The Masterson Method® is to improve performance, well-being, relationship, and communication with the horse. Its purpose is not to replace veterinary care.

Steps to Becoming Certified: The Masterson Method Certification Program

To become a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP), you must meet the horsemanship experience and educational prerequisites explained below, complete the training requirements of the course, and demonstrate proficiency in all of the techniques taught. Time frame to complete the Certification Program: 9 – 18 months.

In order to become certified in The Masterson Method students must have:

  • Completed all of the training requirements of the program listed below
  • Demonstrate skills in horsemanship, handling, and safety, and have the basic physical fitness (strength, stamina, and stability) needed to safely and effectively complete a whole horse session
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all of the techniques taught in the program
  • Have taken the anatomy portion of our course or have equivalent experience.

The following courses are prerequisites for becoming Certified in The Masterson Method. Use the links to read more about each step in the certification process:

Prerequisite: Read and watch the Beyond Horse Massage Book and DVD

Beyond Horse Massage 2-Day Seminar-Workshop
You must have taken the Weekend Seminar-Workshop. This is our foundational workshop where the basic principles and techniques of the Masterson Method® are taught.   

Prerequisite: Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course  Online course that provides a guided study and structured practice of the techniques taught by Jim Masterson during a Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop. Discounted rate of $99 for students who have attended a Weekend Seminar-Workshop.  Regular rate of $179.95.

Advanced 5-Day Course 
The advanced techniques taught in this course will increase your success in bringing about positive change in the movement and performance of the horse. You will also learn evaluation techniques that will help you identify patterns that point to possible Primary Issues that often create compensatory and Secondary Issues in the body. Tuition: $2125

Prerequisite: In order to begin Fieldwork, students must demonstrate skills in horsemanship, handling, and safety, and have the basic physical fitness (strength, stamina, and stability) needed to safely and effectively complete a whole horse session. If we feel you are not ready to move on to Fieldwork, you could be asked to get further training.

Anatomy Requirement. The fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, and health considerations in the horse are essential to effective bodywork. Before attending the 2nd Coaching Course, students will need to have either taken our approved anatomy course, Equine Anatomy and Health Considerations through Avalon Performance Horse, or have equivalent anatomy training. Each applicant will take a Fieldwork Entrance Quiz to evaluate their proficiency in equine anatomy. This evaluation plus the applicants experience and past training in anatomy will be used to determine if the applicant will be required to take additional anatomy coursework.
Tuition:  $185

Field Work Course:

  • Student will be required to complete a series of Case Study assignments for each of the Three Blocks. These Case Studies will be submitted to a Mentor online for feedback as they are done.
  • Each Block of Case Studies will have a different Focus:
    • Block 1: Proficiency of Techniques
    • Block 2: Anatomy
    • Block 3: Putting it all Together
  • At the completion of each Block of Case Studies the student will attend a Coaching Course at which the student will work one-on-one with a Coach. The coach will both guide and evaluate the student’s progress with the Techniques.
  • At the third Coaching Course the student must demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in order to be able to go on to the Certification Completion Course. The final Coaching Course must be completed at least 3 weeks priorto attending the Certification Completion Course.
  • Tuition: $700 will be paid at the beginning of each Block. This fee includes Mentoring, Coaching Courses, and admin fees. (total = $2,100).

Certification Completion Course (3-Day Course)

  • This is a two to three-day course, depending on the number of students.  Students will review with Jim the Techniques practiced during the Field Work Course, and demonstrate proficiency in the Techniques. Students will then be taught additional evaluation and bodywork Techniques by Jim. After completion, the student earns the title, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP).
  • Tuition:  $1100

Note:  Participation in the program does not guarantee certification. You must successfully complete all Field Work requirements and be deemed proficient by Jim at the Certification Completion Course to become certified.

We are Accredited and Approved Through the Following Organizations:

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Organization (NCBTMB) for Continuing Education Credits (CEC): Weekend Seminar-Workshop, 14 CEC; Home Study Course, 12 CE; Advanced 5-Day, 32 CEC; Field Work Course, 50 CEC; Certification Completion Course, 32 CEC.

National Board of Certification For Animal Acupressure and Massage  Approved for 14 hours CE credit, 10 hours hands-on for the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop

Equine Therapies Association of Australia  Approved Training Provider