Kenwood, CA: Light to the Core Seminar January 28-29, 2023

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Are you interested in profoundly affecting the deepest interconnections of the horse’s body? Would you like to delve deeper into the light-touch techniques taught in Jim Masterson’s Light to the Core video? In this new Seminar-Workshop, you will learn subtle, gentle, simple bodywork that has the ability to profoundly affect the deepest interconnections of the horse’s body.


Belos Cavalos
687 Campagna Lane
Kenwood, CA 95452


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The prerequisite for this course is to view the Light to the Core video prior to attending. If you do not have this video, please check the box below and select your preferred option to add the video to your cart. Be sure to complete the registration below to enroll in this course.


Light to the Core DVD and/or Online Streaming Option

Enjoy this 145-minute video of simple bodywork that has the ability to profoundly affect the deepest core of the horse's body.

Using 3-D graphics to help you understand the interconnections inside the horse's body, Jim shows specific areas of the horse where Light Touch can be most effective.

Jim ends the video with ideas for problem-solving common behavior and performance issues.


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Important: Do not book any travel arrangements until you have received an email from our office confirming that the course will be going forward.

I acknowledge: the inherent risks and unpredictability associated with handling horses, the increased risk of participating in an unfamiliar activity with the horse, and the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 when in groups. I understand that if, at any time during the process of learning the techniques taught on this course, the Instructor deems that I am in a situation that is unsafe for me, the horse, or others on the course, I may be asked to sit out that part or portion of the practice. I agree to abide by the Instructor’s decision. Also, I understand that I must follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 quarantine and isolation in the event I am exposed to or contracted coronavirus.

If you are submitting this registration for someone else: please answer all questions, including contact information, as the student.

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Here are some testimonials of students who have taken the course:

  • This workshop is absolutely amazing for learning feel, the hands-on instruction is essential. I learned so much that can’t be picked up through videos/reading!
  • A great confidence-builder for the beginner horse owner and a great connection-developer for the more seasoned owner.
  • One of the best ways to connect with your horse as well as assisting ultimate well-being.
  • Excellent way to connect with your horse. Working this gently and thoroughly really helps to understand your horse and where they are at with the added benefit of being able to improve their performance and physicality.

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