Considering the Horse: Mind & Body

Location: Arroyo Grande, California
Instructors: Jim Masterson, Mark Rashid and Dianne Adel
Date: October 23-25, 2023
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

What is better than taking your horse to see one amazing equine clinician? Taking your horse to see TWO! Join us in Arroyo Grande, California for our collaborative clinic with internationally acclaimed horsemen Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson.
And it gets better! We are pleased to include Dianne Adel MMCP, CMT who practices Somatic Massage and Structural Balancing Sessions for Riders. Dianne’s bodywork sessions help us release tension and listen to our bodies so we can ride our horse through connection, awareness and softness.
It will be a chance to ride with and witness Mark and Jim co-teaching, helping horse and rider review areas of their horse’s performance from both a training, as well as a biomechanics perspective. Alongside Mark and Jim, Dianne will observe the rider and make connections between how the tension in our bodies transfers to the horse.
If you’re riding in this clinic with Jim and Mark, your horse will automatically be registered to receive a bodywork session from Jim Masterson and you will receive a bodywork session from Dianne.
If you’d like a private session with Dianne, there are slots available – please contact her at .

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