Gentle Bodywork with Jim Masterson: A collaborative online class with HorseClass

USD $297.00

Enroll in this new online class developed by Jim Masterson, founder of The Masterson Method®,  and Callie Rae King, founder of HorseClass, to help your horse feel better, while building communication and trust.

You’ll be able to start right away with the 10-lesson introduction to The Masterson Method, learning how and why this approach to bodywork helps horses and enhances your relationship. You’ll learn six gentle techniques from the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Course with a combination of videos, technique guides, and activity worksheets to help you apply the learning with your horse.

As a bonus, you’ll have livestream access to select portions of the sold-out Weekend Course with Jim as the Instructor, all included in the price. You’ll be able to watch additional demonstration videos and priceless practice videos of Jim guiding students through the techniques presented in the Gentle Bodywork class on a variety of horses!

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The techniques and principles in this program are priceless. The Gentle Bodywork Online Program with Jim Masterson is open for registration at select times of the year, including now, for Cyber Monday Sale from November 27-29 at a 30% discount! (If enrollment is closed, you can sign up for alerts to learn of the next enrollment period.)
You will receive—
  • 10 Lessons, taking you step-by-step through several foundational techniques and core concepts with Jim Masterson and Callie Rae King
  • 10 Follow-up Videos, reviewing key take-aways from Callie Rae King
  • 10 Worksheets, providing activities to help you put the learning into practice
  •  6 Technique Guides, providing step-by-step instructions on specific techniques taught in the Weekend Course
  • Livestream recordings of select portions of the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Course taught by Jim Masterson himself!
Includes Lifetime access.
Help your horse feel better and develop trust and communication through the Gentle Bodywork Online Program. What are you waiting for? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

*Note that the Gentle Bodywork with Jim Masterson class is not the equivalent of participating in the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Course, however it will greatly enhance your understanding of the work should you choose to go further.