I just wanted to share an experience I had today with a horse that I had never met. Mind you I am not trained, yet, in the MM. I am just experimenting from what the book and video are giving me. I went to look at a horse for a client to see what she can do to help with his diet and other things. I did some palpitations to see where he was sore and then said let me try a few things on him. I did the Bladder Meridian Techniques (BMT), which I had not tried before, and then the Lateral Cervical Flexion. When I was doing the BMT, I got half way down the neck and the horse looked to the right shoulder, (I was on the left), then he would drop his head, then as I got closer to the wither he again looked to the right shoulder. From my previous evaluation, I knew he was having issues with his left hind, so the right shoulder thing made sense. Then when I got to hind hip, he quickly dropped it as if something released. I did a bit of other stuff to his TMJ area and told the owner to step back and give him time to process. He shook his head, and then began to yawn and yawn. He must have yawed 6 times! It was awesome! The more I experiment with the MM, the more I know I need to continue with this work, thank you, Jim
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Candy BeauchampBooks and DVDs

I just received your DVD and after working through the first few exercises my horse can scratch his own side with his teeth for the first time – amazing!

Christy UrbanBooks and DVDs

Yes, I ordered the Equine Massage for the Performance Horse from you yesterday. I am so impressed with the results I’ve seen on online videos — truly beyond anything I’ve seen with any other technique — (and I am very familiar with bodywork practitioners from Feldenkreis to Tellington-Jones) . I have a little mare who has much stiffness and tightness and body pain from a variety of causes – she is 17 years old and I’ve raised her from birth — and nothing has helped all that much. From just a brief YouTube video of Mr. Masterson working on a horse I tried the releasing of her head and poll — I tell you I almost cried from her response — she is normally so stiff she doesn’t like her head moved about — after just a few minutes she dropped her head, licked her lips and let out a huge sigh — last night was the third time I tried it and as she watched me enter her stall with halter she turned towards me, sighed deeply and peed. I believe she was actually asking for the treatment. (and I am just beginning!) Her eye was so sweet and soft. This is the closest thing to magic I have ever witnessed. Nothing else comes close. I hope to see Mr. Masterson at the Midwest Horse Fair. I was so excited I have now gotten the book and the other dvd from Barnes and Noble. I also look forward to a weekend seminar when one is near. My mare (a gorgeous dun quarter horse) is the love of my life and I am so grateful to have found something that will help her. God bless you for your work and for sharing it with others.
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Annie DavisBooks and DVDs

Reading the book and DVD are great, but the workshop really helps to make sure you learn the techniques correctly. Also, it is very helpful to learn on a variety of breads and temperaments.

Lynn MuellerBooks and DVDs

I received your DVD two days ago and watched it immediately! I came across some video clips of the Masterson Method online and was very intrigued. After watching the DVD yesterday, I put the information to work on our four year old QH performance gelding. It was jaw dropping how text book his reactions were! He loved the ‘head up’ exercise. Today I worked on all three of our other QH’s. We have an extreme bracing QH mare. She has been off in her right hind for over a year, after a stall kicking incident. I believe she was unable to fully heal because she is so tight and bracing. After an hour with her today, she was putty in my hands! I free lunged her and she was the most relaxed I have ever seen her. Neck out and stretched, blowing, snorting, shaking her head, and best of all, stepping up deep behind and no shortness!!

I am so excited about this new way of helping release stress from my horses!! I can’t wait to learn more and practice more!
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Sheena MorrisBooks and DVDs

Without access to a professional, you may wish to learn the procedures from Masterson’s DVD on training methods. It’s a means to some basic skills and a way to recognize symptoms before they show up as pain. You can learn to read the horse’s responses to your touch so you know if he’s telling you something is wrong before he’s in pain. If you get good results with that, you may then want to take one of Masterson’s workshops or training seminars. Whether you’re a skeptic or advocate of holistic practices, Masterson and his methods may be worth checking out.
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Trot MagazineBooks and DVDs

I just wanted to let you know that I received the DVD as ordered. I have watched the DVD several times, as each time I feel I have learned something I missed before. My 8 year old Arabian Gelding has experienced back and sciatic problems and carries his tail to the right. We found a wonderful equine chiropractor in Sarasota, Florida who has been a tremendous blessing. Watching him work with my horse and other horses is what made me search for an equine massage DVD. I have found your DVD to be extremely similar to my chiropractor’s methods. My Arabian is responding well. I like the way your DVD identifies the equine releases and how it explains that fidgeting is part of the release process. This is also a great way to bond with your horse.
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Kathy SimmonsBooks and DVDs

I’d just noticed my mare galloping towards me in the pasture with her right leg carried towards the center of her midline instead of under her shoulder. When I walked her on the paved driveway, I could hear a hard clink coming from one hoof. I assumed it was her left, which she’d been intermittently limping on since recovering from a coffin bone rotation she had when I’d bought her 2 years ago. Although now sound, it would still seem off when she’s go step into depressions in the ground. So I rode her in Easy Boots for the past few months.

My natural trimmer was due in a few days and he did a complete assessment, telling me it was her right hoof that was causing the dragging not the left as I’d assumed. After a complete test he determined she could not be fitted for shoes because her muscle memory was so strong she tipped over like the Tower of Pisa when her front hooves were shimmed. He also was unable to unlock her muscles with his methods of stretching. That day I learned about old injuries, perception, muscle memory. During the time of her hoof injury she had shifted her right leg under her midline to bear the weight of her perceived hoof pain. Her brain still presumed that pain was there, the leg was locked even though it was no longer needed. My trimmer explained how the muscles, nerves , and even teeth in the equine skull determines not only how the front end moves but also all the way through the back muscles. A real first step on my path to healing my mare.

I went to the internet and your YouTube videos and website was the only ones that made sense to me. Although I ordered a couple of other books that helped explain the meridians, the actual work was way beyond my physical capacity at my age (I’m being 65 this year). What you were doing seemed possible for me so I ordered the book and the DVD. I started with only the bladder meridian and watched the reactions. When I actually got some I was very surprised. Also that when it was noisy around the barn or someone would stop to watch she would shut down. When they’d leave, she’d open up again. Confident she was listening and responding I added to the front shoulder releases, then some small rotations, finally the scapula release and she kicked her ‘lovin’ it’ into high gear. She hates having her nose touched so I’m still working on the neck vertibrae but I can push now while she in turning her head towards me on her own. When finished, she is shaking like a wet dog, yawning, licking and stomping! I have a very expressive horse.

Best part of the story…I’m riding her without her boots and I find no sign of her wooden limp – she’s moving free for the first time since I bought her. Thank you – I’ve recommended you to my friends and one of them is starting your work on her horse that is showing signs of trouble in its rear hoof. I’m so grateful to you for giving us these tools.
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Charli StevensBooks and DVDs

I had purchased your DVD. We have to harness racing horses as well as riding ponies/horses. Since watching the DVD over and over we have started therapy with all of our horses and have had some pretty awesome results. My 13 year old son insists his riding horse has a massage from mum every time he rides her – and she is so much more relaxed and respondent from doing so. Thank you so much for such an informative tool in our stables. We are destined for many wins in 2009. Thanks again.
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The Duffy FamilyBooks and DVDs

I would thoroughly recommend owning one of these DVDs as an essential part of any sport or performance horse owner’s tool kit. Even if you only practice several of the techniques pre-ride daily, the ongoing benefits to your horse will be measurable.

Janice ClymaBooks and DVDs