I just started today using the Masterson method on my just turned 7 yr old Mustang who has 3 years dressage training but still goes into freeze mode at times. I have a woman who does the Masterson method on my Mustang. She gets some results but it takes a while. I bought Jim’s book and read it up to the bladder meridian step by step and as I have used T-Touch massage on my horse previously, I knew this would work too. So today, I did my first bladder meridian on my own. OMG!!!! Instantly, Eclipse started licking, chewing, lips trembling, breathing quickened, head came down, he turned to look as his right side off and on, more licking, more chewing, eye blinking and more eye blinking!!!! I am SO thrilled to get so much out of a 10 minute session. That is all he wanted. Yes, there is a feeling when the horse tells you, ‘that is all I want for now.’ It is kind of like doing Reiki. The animal will let you know when they are through. I have a 19 year old Percheron mare. She and I have been together for 14 years. I did a little bit of this on her today too…and once again, INSTANT and continuous chews, eye blinks…no sighs but plenty of chews. NOW I want to attend a seminar/workshop!!!!!!!