I just received the September newsletter, and thought I would drop a note about my success story. I attended a 3 day Masterson course several years ago, and have enjoyed seeing how much the method has helped my horses feel better and move better.

I ride dressage, and have always dreamed of having a dressage schoolmaster. This spring, I had the opportunity to buy an 18 year old Dutch Warmblood. He had shown successfully, and then moved into a school horse role. He had gotten somewhat sour, and the owner was looking for a home where he would not work as hard, but could still teach a rider new skills.

When I brought him home, he was very sore all over his body. He snapped or kicked whenever he was touched. Saddling him was a huge production, requiring two people as he flailed around and kicked and snapped. The muscles in his back were hard, and seemed to be in spasm. He was very swaybacked.

He was not a happy camper.

I started doing some basic Masterson on him. Although it was hard for him to accept, I could see him relax and feel better. I watched the Masterson for Dressage video, and discovered that he was sore in exactly the areas predicted, and so I added those in addition to the basic overall work. I used a Back on Track blanket and saddle pad on him, to help his muscles relax.

He was also turned out 24/7. He had been turned out overnight previously, but now he was in a bigger pasture, with more horses, and moved around more on more varied terrain.

The results have been remarkable. In 4 months, all of his muscles have relaxed. He is no longer sore, and has stopped kicking and snapping. He enjoys being touched and being worked on. We are forming a partnership.

I have learned a lot from him already, and look forward to furthering my education. I don’t think any of this would have happened without the Masterson Method.

Thank you!