1. It will increase your confidence in handling horses
  2. You will get a better understanding of how a horse thinks
  3. It will make you look at yourself as to your affect and approach
  4. You will make a new friends from all over the world!
  5. You will be challenged, no matter what level of experience and go home knowing that you learned something
Crystal LodenAdvanced 5-Day Student

Being able to help horses with such a light touch and seeing how great of results you can get is a true blessing.

Stephanie ProudfitAdvanced 5-Day Student

I have gained a new level of confidence in my horsemanship thru this course. I feel more connected to myself and horses for having taken this class. I can’t wait to share it with others!

Rita JemeysonAdvanced 5-Day Student

If you are going to take the weekend seminar, you really need to complete the 5-day. The 5-day fills in the holes which provides an enormous amount of new tools for your toolbox. Every horse owner should do the 5-day course to provide a level of comfort and understanding to our equine friends.

Lori GonachaAdvanced 5-Day Student

Its a generousness effective way to assist a horse to get back to balance or as close as possible.

France CostabileAdvanced 5-Day Student

If you want to understand the sensitivity of your horse and build a partnership with your horse, this is the missing link that will teach you to “whisper” more effectively.

Peggy BartlettAdvanced 5-Day Student

I have a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s, a PhD and was a Fulbright Scholar, and this past week was one of the BEST education experiences I have had since my “academic” work began in 1992. I feel so well prepared to begin the Fieldwork and I have learned enough to recognize when I need to ask questions. Coralie, you are a great teach and you need to know that!

Beth WatzkeAdvanced 5-Day Student

The 5-Day course really puts you in a different league compared to the weekend course. The weekend is a great foundation, but the 5-day has added so much to my knowledge base.

Rusty HamerAdvanced 5-Day Student

Excellent follow-up to the weekend seminar. The new techniques learned were well worth the cost and time.

Jim CulverAdvanced 5-Day Student

It has been a very busy summer so far AND I wanted to share with you how powerful this work has been for the horses that I have been able to work on. I am currently in Seattle WA teaching with Connected Riding founder Peggy Cummings. I have done three sessions on her new Trakaener and her older mare which is an Irish TB, and several other horses. Peggy said that Masterson Method is the first body work where she has seen the most releasing of tension! She wants to come to a week long with Jim. I cannot imagine what life was like before I had the tools provided by Jim’s work. It completely compliments TEAM and Connected Riding. I am not sure when I will actually get to the formal case study part. I can see myself coming to another training before that so that Jim can see the work I am doing. It is difficult for me to put it all on paper into words. Once I get through this summer I can figure out how to go about moving forward with formal certification…until then I will just do the work!

Be prepared for an influx of TEAM pracs and Connected Riding folks to come knocking at your door!
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Laura Faber-MorrisAdvanced 5-Day Student