Every person that I have met on my Masterson journey has expressed the same sentiment regarding how much this work has positively impacted not only their approach to working with horses, but has also contributed to a quieter/gentler approach to life itself.

Jennifer Sechrist

Masterson Method works! My horses will agree. The book is super clear in its instructions and together with the videos (which you can watch on YouTube) cover pretty much all the points you might not quite understand or have questions about. My relationship with my horse has turned a  corner this is exactly what I have been looking for…. a non invasive but effective means of communication with my horse that
offers him the chance to trust me and release tension.

Amazon Testimonial

As a veterinarian focused on equine integrated sports medicine and rehabilitation, I have explored a variety complementary and alternative veterinary medicine approaches in an effort to create and maintain optimal health and performance in horses. One of these approaches is the Masterson Method. I had the opportunity to take one of the weekend seminars and attend one of the collaborative clinics introducing me to this gentle technique.

The beauty of the technique is that (it) can be applied by any horse person and can be incorporated into daily or weekly routines when brushing or caring for the horse, further improving the connection between owner/caretaker and horse. The local and systemic relaxation that you get from the Masterson Method is quite amazing and allows you to get results with even the most difficult horses that may not allow the use of other techniques such as dry needling/acupuncture.

I really like that fact that the certified Masterson therapists are always looking to work in a team with the veterinarian and other equine professionals. Since I took the Masterson seminar, I had the opportunity to work side by side as a veterinarian with certified Masterson therapists on mutual patients with the same goal in mind: improving the health and well-being of the horse. ~ Bart Halsberghe, DVM, DABVP (Equine practice), cISELP, cVSMT, cVMA, CERT, CKTP-E, Global Equine Veterinary Consulting, Aalter, Belgium

Dr. Bart Halsberghe, DVM, DABVP (Equine Practice), cISELP, cVSMT, cVMA, CERT, CKTP-E

I have been incorporating The Masterson Method into my work as a veterinary chiropractor {with both horses and dogs} since 2018. Jim’s methods of working with the horse, using light contact, slow movements, holding contact and waiting on releases from the horse is a beneficial and beautiful way to partner with the horse. I find that incorporating the Masterson Method complements my work and helps the horse’s body to eliminate the muscle imbalances and compensatory fixations caused by underlying subluxations. When the muscle imbalances are reduced, a lower level of physical exertion is required from the practitioner. “When less is more,” it’s a win-win for both horse and veterinary chiropractor. ~ Robin Robinett, DVM, Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic, PC

Robin Robinett, DVM Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic, PC

Super book so simple to follow for any owner to do basic maintenance on their horse.
I’m inspired by this technique and its affect on my horses, so much so I’m now studying
toward practitioner status! How did that happen?!

Amazon Customer

“The proof is in the pudding… the method works! The book and video are clear and
simple to follow. If your horse has chronic muscle tension either from old injuries, habit
or some other cause, this is the method to try. The results are excellent.”
~Joan McLaren

Joan McLaren

One of the most interesting methods around. Greatly helped a young Clydesdale that we had. Recommend it to anyone that has a horse with soundness issues or is stiff on any part of their body.


Kate Hanson

It’s a very friendly and soft yet very powerful method that helps the horse to soften on a deep level and to return to movement from the little muscles around the spine instead of the bigger movement muscles. I have seen huge improvement when the method is applied working together with chiropractic/craniosacral adjustment/treatment. With some time in between, of course. Love it!

Karianna van Ruth

“The changes in the horses physically is quite amazing when working with this method. Watching a horse relax and release is exciting. So happy I found another way to connect with my horses!”

Nicola Cocorocchinov

I have a bachelor’s degree, two master’s, a Ph.D. and was a Fulbright Scholar, and this past week was one of the BEST education experiences I have had since my “academic” work began in 1992. I have learned enough to recognize when I need to ask questions.

Beth Watzke