Be ready to learn a lot! Even if you’ve reviewed your materials ahead of time, there is a lot of new stuff!

Kimberly NoreikisWeekend Seminar

The instruction was very informative and the presentation was excellent. Instructors were very hands on and patient.

Janie ElliottWeekend Seminar

This 2-day weekend was incredible! It brings the DVD & Book alive. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn to take the 2-Day seminar. I have learned so much and had so much fun.

Nichole JohnsonWeekend Seminar

If you want to learn how to connect on a deeper level with horses. If you want to learn how to help your horse relax and release tension, this seminar is a must.

Michelle LeahyWeekend Seminar

If you ride, lease or own a horse, learning to help your horse feel using the Masterson Method will be the best education for you and your horse’s relationship.

Tammi CliffordWeekend Seminar

A great opportunity to learn about horses and yourself. It’s amazing how soft you can be to get results.

April VollingWeekend Seminar

This workshop is a powerful and effective catapult into the Masterson world of bodywork. it’s a two day affair, one that is life changing.

Sarah PalmerWeekend Seminar

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who owns or works with horses. You will bring your connection with your horse to a higher level.

Danielle ParsonsWeekend Seminar

I came back for the weekend soooooo happy

JoeWeekend Seminar

The office staff was SUPER in helping me set this weekend up. Thank you. Please convey to Jim that Samantha (Walker) is a very talented instructor with a wonderful teaching style, who also easily establishes a rapport with the students. They loved her.

Marty ClarkWeekend Seminar