I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a Jim Masterson 2 Day Seminar in Rhode Island. To put it plainly, it was AWESOME!!!!! As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist working full time in the New England area, I was looking to enhance the skill set that I currently have by adding Jim’s technique’s to my own. After absorbing Jim’s “Equine Massage for Performance Horses” DVD prior to the seminar, I had several specific questions I needed answered regarding a few of the techniques. Jim answered these questions and so much more over the intensive two days of lecture and hands-on work. His delivery was fun, nicely paced and professional from beginning to end. Also, we had the added benefit of a 2nd Co-Instructor in Jim’s protege Marie Riley to add to our educational experience. She was knowledgeable, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. I received exactly what I was looking for from this seminar. When I returned to my regular client schedule on Monday the improvement in my level of service was immediately noticable to me and especially to my equine clients. With every session I have become that much more seasoned with my freshly enhanced skill set and my horses couldn’t be happier. Regardless if you are currently a working professional or a lay horse-person looking to increase your knowledge for your own horses, I highly recommend investing your time and energy in THE MASTERSON METHOD!!!!!
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Jamie CohenWeekend Seminar

I love having more tools to use in my sessions. The techniques I learned here are an excellent base for any horse owner or body worker.

Kristine O’ReillyWeekend Seminar

I found the clinic to be one of the best I’ve ever attended. The material was presented in a straightforward, clear manner, easy for a layperson to understand. I was totally fascinated. It has turned me from a skeptical Brit into a real believer in the “alternative.” It was wonderful to watch an expert get results but to find that I too could get results was even more exciting.

Linda UptonWeekend Seminar

Just wanted to thank each one of you for a great weekend. What a wonderful experience!! I am still processing all of the information. Every one of you made us all feel very welcome, comfortable with our abilities and not afraid to make mistakes. What a refreshing attitude that there is a gentler way to help a horse heal than the traditional method of massage. This is exactly what I had been hoping to find. I learned a great deal and am looking forward to the next course. And what better place to learn the Masterson Method than right in the middle of horse country! The staff at Windy Meadows was more than accommodating, not only with the use of their barn and providing housing, but also allowing us all to practice on their magnificent horses! Great teachers, great program, great fellowship, great horses….. doesn’t get any better than that!
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Sharon WeishaarWeekend Seminar

Having the Masterson Method in my tool chest of ‘must have knowledge’ I now consider a MUST! This clinic made me aware of how our beautiful, eager to please horses can often suffer in silence, as is their nature. I now can recognize and eliminate, or prevent these aches and pains from becoming chronic in most cases with this new bodywork method. If I can’t, I know where to go to address the problem. It is, BY FAR, the best thing I have have done for not only my horse and others, but for my peace of mind. Too often, I have felt like I was ‘feeling around in the dark’ looking for solutions when my horse was ‘off’. Those days are over!
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Chris ShowsWeekend Seminar

I attended one of Jim’s weekend seminars, and I have to say that I found it be fantastic. While I own, ride and breed (and will train) horses, I was not coming from an existing equine therapeutic background or didn’t have a degree in equine science. Jim’s way of teaching and instruction was very easy to understand and follow. Everything was explained in simple terms that anybody no matter what level of experience, can understand. Jim developed his technique from observations and his experience of working with horses. I think his principle is what works is real and as a result the education provided combines facets of different equine theraputic disciplines. The results of the course on the horses worked on was simply amazing. The improvement of flexibility and mobility in the horses was profound. I would advise anybody horse owner or trainer attend one of Jim’s courses.
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Colm HaydenWeekend Seminar

I just completed the Equine Massage Course. I learned so much and was very glad that we could immediately put into practice the touch and movements which Jim taught us. Jim was very patient with us and encouraging, I appreciated his calm confidence and for his open attitude for questions, repeat demonstrations and dividing himself amongst all us students. I am very thankful for an incredible weekend. I can’t wait to start implementing these wonderful techniques of touch and patience. I do not own my own horse but definitely have plans in which to utilize what I have learned.
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EstellaWeekend Seminar

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and learned from our course last week in Devon. You really demonstrated and explained things so that it was simple to follow and apply and the way you handle and treat horse very much fits in with what I am learning through Natural Horsemanship.

Sue McFadyenWeekend Seminar

This guy is GOOD!!! I spent the weekend with him and learned so much!! He does simple things to release huge amounts of stress. Horses love him. It the same sort of thing I get from my great manual therapists, not massage as in rubbing on muscles.

He is funny and not ego based, and is easy to learn from. I am going to get certified in his Method. I highly recommend a weekend with him….you will get some tools that are powerful. You would get gobs of info from just the 2 days. I personally am going to do the full program, but I don’t have a bodywork practice to add this to. Jim’s method will form the basis of my hands-on practice. My goal is to to do a combo of hands on and shamanism for horses here in AZ a day or two a week. I have been browsing teachers and programs, mostly with disappointment. But this guy is GOOD!
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Carla MeeskeWeekend Seminar

Thanks so much for putting on that wonderful workshop in Indianola, IA. I knew from the moment I read about your work (about a year ago) that it would be enormously beneficial to my horses and I was wanting to do a workshop from the moment I heard about it. It was so dramatic to see the changes in Denny! Hopefully with consistent Masterson Method work, he can change some of his neural pathways from anxiety!!! to calm confidence.

In some ways I found him easier to work on than the other horses because he was so responsive. Some of the quarter horses were more stoic, maybe, not wimpy like thoroughbreds can be… and some of their responses were probably not noticed by me. On the other hand, Denny was a challenge because he was so responsive one had to be extra sensitive. (Always a good thing to learn!)

I hated to leave when the workshop was finished. Such a bunch of lovely people!! But I knew it was going to be dark by the time I got Denny home and the horses always take precedence.

By the way, I find you, Jim to be a wonderful teacher. Besides being clear and concise and helping people find the correct amount of pressure for various techniques, you are fun and humble and natural in your presentations. Wendy was a little worried prior to the workshop – she said: “we’re just regular people…” I guess she was intimidated by the fact that you work on some of the top horses in the nation, I don’t know. I told her not to worry that you would probably be a regular person too! And Yvonne was very pleased to find how nice you were to be around. She said: “who would’ve thought we’d be sitting around chatting and having a beer with him!” It is lovely to be around people who are natural and honest. No wonder the horses like you so well and respond so immediately to everything you do!
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Alice DoddsWeekend Seminar