The Light to the Core Seminar is an excellent way to connect with your horse. Working this gently and thoroughly really helped me to understand my horse and where she is at with the added benefit of being able to improve her performance and physicality.


The Light to the Core Seminar is one of the best ways to connect with your horse and assist his/her ultimate well-being.


The Light to the Core Seminar is a great confidence-builder for the beginner horse owner and a great connection-developer for the more seasoned owner.


The Light to the Core Seminar is absolutely amazing for learning a sense of “feel” — the hands-on instruction is essential. I learned so much that can’t be picked up through watching videos or reading!


I’ve been “catching up” with all the videos of the Membership program and wow, I just love all of it! It really motivates me to become “even more” for the horses. Thank you for helping us stay up-to-date on so many things that pertain to our work!

Alice Long

I purchased Horse Massage Light to the Core a few months ago and I did not realize what a profound difference it has made for my mare. This has been a missing element that has contributed to the improvement of our relationship. She, being a spirited horse (not to say that is bad, in fact I love it), has calmed down in many ways. Where once just being left alone in a pasture by herself was almost traumatic for her, she is now much more confident and settling in with it. With all her releases through the light touch, though I was aware of some of her issues – poll, front legs, stifles, back, etc -. I am rediscovering them on a another level, seeing the body connection, and am happy to be involved in assisting her to release tension. The Masterson Method is awesome and I will enjoy continuing the journey with it. I thank you and my horse, Savannah, thanks you, too!

Karen Healey

The (physical) changes in the horses is quite amazing when working with this method! Watching a horse relax and release is exciting! So happy I found another way to connect with my horses!

Nicola Cocorocchino

Just purchased and watched the Beyond Horse Massage DVD and let me just say, ‘Wow’! Now I know how to help my horses! I have Standardbred racehorses and a couple of saddle horses that are going to LOVE these techniques! Thanks so much for putting the knowledge of helping horses in such an easy to understand format. Will let you know how they do once I have a chance to put what I’ve learned to use! Oh, I also have the book, so I can take it along and review what I need to do to help my ponies.

Michelle Lagerquist

I began studying The Masterson Method as a modality to add to my equine bodywork business. What I didn’t know is that it would change my life in beautiful ways! The Masterson Method works wonderfully on all types of horses. The instruction is top notch. I have met wonderful people during the in person training and have always left with loads of very useful tools to help horses!

Amber Dawn

I’ve just attended a two-day training clinic which was organized with in-depth, hands-on work. Since returning I have worked with my horse and seen some impressive results. It works like magic .. but is founded on solid horsemanship knowledge. Love it.

Margaret Mitchell