What I found most helpful: The videos associated with each technique. Reading can only take you so far seeing it applied definitely ties it all together.

What I Experienced: The releases I see are just like the ones I am told to look for! Also I like how it is explained what to do when horses give you difficulties.

Ashley McFarlinHome Study

What I found most helpful: That I can return to each segment and refresh each set of techniques.

What I Experienced: Each horse responds to the same technique differently.

Catherine Anne FrendHome Study

What I found most helpful: The different types of pressure have been most helpful for me as I have used most of these techniques before. I love listening to the horses and looking and listening for their reactions to the procedures.

What I Experienced: The experiences I had were all good my horses love it. I have one head shy mare that I have to take more time with on the poll but once she relaxes and I stay calm she does wonderful
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Bonnie McDanielHome Study

What I found most helpful: I found all the lessons extremely helpful…..Depending on the horse….you can start or go to another area on the horse if needed.

What I Experienced: One of my horses that I know for a fact suffers from a lot of tension appears to be more relaxed and less reactive as a whole.

Mary SkybergHome Study

Found helpful: Being able to refresh my knowledge (and practice) of the basic techniques, after taking the 2-day workshop and prior to taking the 5-day workshop.

Experiences: I’ve been practicing the techniques since I took the 2-day workshop in Oct. 2014 and every horse I’ve practiced on has taught me something new. I am intrigued with the various types of behaviors I see prior to major releases, ranging from the stoic to the full fledged exhibitionist!
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Pamela EckelbargerHome Study

Found helpful: Hearing the lesson. I don’t learn well from books, so watching and listening to this course was a huge improvement for me. I got to hear him answer questions I had rolling around in my head. Very good.

Experiences: That what happens in real life is exactly as he said it would be!! That not ever move I did on a horse was “wow”, but some were. So was good to learn that some things the horse needs work on more than others.
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Kelly JeffersonHome Study

Found helpful: The format of watching a video and then going out to practice with my horses and then coming back to the follow up video. The video was more helpful than the reading for my learning style because it showed both horses and people in action. The instruction sheets to take to the barn were also very helpful and easier than bringing the whole book along.

Experiences: I have 3 horses and found them to respond to the techniques in very different ways. My gelding had a lot of trouble with my hand on his nose for the lateral cervical flexion work. It gave me good practice in staying soft, keeping my hand on him but not bracing. He was very relaxed with the head down and head up. My pony was stoic – not wanting to show any release. I could feel ripples of energy along her neck while doing the bladder meridian but she couldn’t allow herself to show release. She did some licking and chewing when I moved far away. My mare could hardly stop yawning doing lateral cervical flexion and head up. She released lots of tension in all the techniques around her poll. I need to spend more time on the hind end releases – hard for me to see the head and eyes while working on the hind end and feet.
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Laurie BryanHome Study

MY PASSION IS HELPING HORSES and to that extend the home study course of the Masterson Method has been great. I bough the e-book from Amazon earlier (instant gratification) and got taken by the therapies. I am already an Equine Therapist with many different modalities, but your method is now on the top of my list and I try to do it on any horse I can get my hands on, which could be many as I have my 2 Hannoverian horses at a military facility in Ecuador.

I like the logical progression of the work and the videos with Jim are great to see over and over again and I like Jim’s easy going way of being and his sense of humor. A friend just told me that the book will also be translated into German. Great.

I am very much in the practicing stage of doing these techniques right now, but what I have done so far has shown very good results. It is interesting how one really gets to realize how horses are different on so many levels, physically and emotionally. I am doing a “Straightness Training” from Marijke de Jong from Holland right now and the Masterson Method helps that along SO WELL.

So I thank Jim for his dedication to horses and his deep inner ability to notice things and come up with a way for the rest of us to take advantage of this and implement.

I would recommend this course to anyone who loves horses.
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Kirsten PristedHome Study

What I found most helpful: The videos

What I Experienced: The first time I did the bladder meridian technique on my 30 yr old mare with EPM half way down the neck she started yawning and licking and by the time I got to her withers she was half asleep head hung low. After you could tell she felt wonderful.

Elisabeth BeyerHome Study

What I found most helpful: Having the refresher on the techniques was definitely helpful. Most helpful are the videos – especially with horses that are trickier.

What I Experienced: Lots of great experiences. I worked on many horses that have significant poll and neck issues and resist touch. I really like the use of “air gap” as a way to break through some of these issues. The lateral rocking so nice for many horses that are otherwise pretty braced. Withers wiggle great for horses with sore feet I observed. The Head up probably the most tricky for me as so many of the horses had trouble trusting this.

My “ahha” moments: The most “ahha” moment I had had to do with the lateral flexion technique. The concept of softening when they start to brace takes good timing. Once I got that right it was super cool to see how well the technique worked.

I would Recommend this course because: Anyone with a horse should take this course. You will notice things about your horse you never did before and the horse will love being able to have an open dialogue with you. Definitely improves your horse/human relationship and your horse will thank you for the physical benefits as well.
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Mary Ann MenetreyHome Study