What I found most helpful: What I found most helpful about the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course was being able to watch Jim work on horses while teaching folks in his methodology. Nothing like being able to watch the “Master” at his craft. Lorre was my weekend seminar instructor and there were things that Jim presented in the home study course, that I just didn’t hear or see during that weekend with Lorre (no offense to Lorre please). Additionally, in preparing for the 5 Day Advanced Course I wanted to review my understanding of the materials, practices and anatomy so I would feel confident moving forward into the next course. The online course helped me see where I needed to review & how to tweak some of the ways I applying the methods.

What I Experienced: It’s been really interesting seeing how different animals react, release & where/when those releases occur. Generally I have to say that in practicing the techniques, I’ve been so surprised by how light a touch it takes to unlock tension. Some techniques have been easier for me to practice than others. For example, I’m having good luck with head up but not such positive results with under the scapula release. After watching Jim work under the scapula in the on-line course, I’ve had better luck.

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot with TMJs, just putting my fingers on the junction and WOW the yawns just start happening. I’m fascinated with how little touch is needed to signal the nervous system to be effective. It’s like magic!