This 2-day weekend was incredible! It brings the DVD & Book alive. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn to take the 2-Day seminar. I have learned so much and had so much fun.

Nichole JohnsonBooks and DVDs

My mare has been at Texas A&M for 2 months with complications from colic surgery. She is doing great! I do the bladder meridian on her to relax and comfort her. Obviously, she loves it. Her name is Bella Romanza and she was in ICU for six weeks but we expect a full recovery! I’m so grateful I was able to do something for her while she was laid up. She LOVES the bladder meridian.
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Faith DuncanBooks and DVDs

Just wanted to say, thank you! Spent about an hour doing your ‘Bladder Meridian’ technique with Bea, this am. Only, progressed to six or seven inches, below her ears. Short intervals and small let downs and then a whopping one. So, I stopped.This is her an hour later. She has NEVER slept with her head on the ground. She always slept with her chin bent under her, nose in the ground.

Wonderful demo and looking forward to attending a clinic in the future. Thank you again.
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Cody BronkBooks and DVDs

Dear Jim and Team, my name is Beck Hansch and I live in Clare, South Australia. I recently purchased your “Horse Massage: Light to the Core” (DVD). I just wanted to say a massive Thank You for producing it. It is insightful and helped me to better understand where some of the issues for my horses were. I love this technique and have watched the DVD, and will continue to do so, as I can pick up something new each time I watch it. I am about to purchase some more of your products (e.g. books) to further explore this fantastic method and also, to look into the Australian Practitioners (I see there is an Oz FB page). Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing such a valuable tool that we can all explore with our horses to better bond and help them seek some release from some of the pain they feel. Love it. I am a “convert”…Cheers
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Beck HanschBooks and DVDs

This advanced course is unique in equine massage and bodywork education in offering structured technique instruction, flexible and open enough to keep intuition alive.

Adelheid EbenhoechAdvanced 5-Day Students

If you loved the 2-day course, hang onto your hats because the 5-day course will blow you away!

Kelly JeffersonAdvanced 5-Day Student

After the two day seminar you have an idea how to improve the condition, problems, or tension in the horse – it’s really helpful! The five day seminar goes deeper and you get a lot of information about how you are able to find the problem areas of the horse. You get lots of experience to work with several horses during the five day.

Margit DuelgerAdvanced 5-Day Student

Very interesting for all people who like to learn more about horse treatments and to improve the performance of the horse. You learn to read the horse and to work with the horse. We had the chance to practice on a lot of different horses, which was very nice.

Daniela ArtholdAdvanced 5-Day Student

The course was very thorough, it included a lot of helpful hints and demonstrated different ways to achieve the relaxation as well as covered all of the muscles and what each technique affected! It was excellent. The hostess and Coralie were very knowledgeable. They knew the Masterson Methods extremely well and answered all my questions.

Peggy SchindhelmAdvanced 5-Day Student

It was extremely helpful and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn a more advanced yet easy way to keep your own horse and other horses happy and comfortable.

MaKayla RodackerAdvanced 5-Day Student