What I found most helpful: Watching the videos again and again.

Improvements: The video could be a little larger and closer to Jim so that we can really see his hands and the movement of the horse.

What I Experienced: Even after watching the lateral rocking I find it difficult to grasp the rhythm needed.

My “ahha” moments: The lateral cervical flexion became clearer to me. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it was that made me feel like “now I get it” but watching Jim do it really opened my eyes to how subtle this is.

I would Recommend this course because: Great introduction to the Masterson Method! Once you’ve watched this you will want to know more and be there live to get feedback on your technique. The horses show the direct effect of the Masterson in real time. Thank you Jim for clear explanations.
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Corinne PowleyHome Study

What I found most helpful: I like that the workbook is a great summary and easy to take to the barn.

What I Experienced: The amount of visual relaxation was very encouraging. Working on my own horses has helped me build confidence in using the techniques without wondering how a strange horse, with unknown pain or restrictions, might react.

My “ahha” moments: When I worked on horses in the 5-day course, it seemed to take longer for them to relax a hip. With my own horses, it came sooner. I interpreted that to be due to the horse’s trust in the person, from previous handling. I expect as one works on new horses, over time, they come to trust and relax sooner, making the sessions even more productive.

I would Recommend this course because: I would say that it is a valuable tool that is easy enough to learn to help your horses release tension and increase or maintain their overall comfort.
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Nancy BeirlHome Study

Good morning, my name is Joanne Rodney, I live in Winchester, Ontario, Canada. I can not thank you enough for the absolute privilege of partaking in your online course that was generously offered to me!!!

I learned so many more new things from the course! I am an even bigger fan now then I was previous! Everyone in my life is well educated in The Masterson Method thanks to my non stop chatter and enthusiasm!

I just wanted to write to you to reiterate how wonderful your Method is and how inspiring you have been to me to keep trying and pushing on to try to get enough funds gathered to begin my certification process!

You and your method are truly a gift that should be shared around the world to all horses and the people that care for them.

Thank you once again for the most amazing experience!!
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Joanne RodneyHome Study

I just received the September newsletter, and thought I would drop a note about my success story. I attended a 3 day Masterson course several years ago, and have enjoyed seeing how much the method has helped my horses feel better and move better.

I ride dressage, and have always dreamed of having a dressage schoolmaster. This spring, I had the opportunity to buy an 18 year old Dutch Warmblood. He had shown successfully, and then moved into a school horse role. He had gotten somewhat sour, and the owner was looking for a home where he would not work as hard, but could still teach a rider new skills.

When I brought him home, he was very sore all over his body. He snapped or kicked whenever he was touched. Saddling him was a huge production, requiring two people as he flailed around and kicked and snapped. The muscles in his back were hard, and seemed to be in spasm. He was very swaybacked.

He was not a happy camper.

I started doing some basic Masterson on him. Although it was hard for him to accept, I could see him relax and feel better. I watched the Masterson for Dressage video, and discovered that he was sore in exactly the areas predicted, and so I added those in addition to the basic overall work. I used a Back on Track blanket and saddle pad on him, to help his muscles relax.

He was also turned out 24/7. He had been turned out overnight previously, but now he was in a bigger pasture, with more horses, and moved around more on more varied terrain.

The results have been remarkable. In 4 months, all of his muscles have relaxed. He is no longer sore, and has stopped kicking and snapping. He enjoys being touched and being worked on. We are forming a partnership.

I have learned a lot from him already, and look forward to furthering my education. I don’t think any of this would have happened without the Masterson Method.

Thank you!
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Karen HavisBooks and DVDs

Jim worked for me in Malaysia on the US Endurance team. His results are amazing!

Becky HartBooks and DVDs

I’ve done bodywork for 30+ years now and 9 years on the best racehorses in the world. I can’t recommend any other style more than Jim’s method for horses. I am very eclectic and use a lot of machines and instrument assisted adjusting in addition, but if I was only going to pick one thing to use on a horse it would be Jim’s method hands down. Results and responsible business practices with a caring and compassionate attitude is what gets referrals. Don’t waste your time with anything else, unless it’s to add some more tools to your tool kit after you’ve got the Masterson Method down.
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Geoffrey PfeiferBooks and DVDs

I just started today using the Masterson method on my just turned 7 yr old Mustang who has 3 years dressage training but still goes into freeze mode at times. I have a woman who does the Masterson method on my Mustang. She gets some results but it takes a while. I bought Jim’s book and read it up to the bladder meridian step by step and as I have used T-Touch massage on my horse previously, I knew this would work too. So today, I did my first bladder meridian on my own. OMG!!!! Instantly, Eclipse started licking, chewing, lips trembling, breathing quickened, head came down, he turned to look as his right side off and on, more licking, more chewing, eye blinking and more eye blinking!!!! I am SO thrilled to get so much out of a 10 minute session. That is all he wanted. Yes, there is a feeling when the horse tells you, ‘that is all I want for now.’ It is kind of like doing Reiki. The animal will let you know when they are through. I have a 19 year old Percheron mare. She and I have been together for 14 years. I did a little bit of this on her today too…and once again, INSTANT and continuous chews, eye blinks…no sighs but plenty of chews. NOW I want to attend a seminar/workshop!!!!!!!
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Valerie McIntyreBooks and DVDs

I really didn’t know how restricted Davenport’s movement was. Not only can I tell how much more comfortable he is after using the Masterson Method, but the difference in performance is like night and day!

Sherri CrawfordBooks and DVDs

I have a story about massaging a particular horse; as has become my habit, I stopped by the stables to massage a couple horses Saturday, and while I was there, one of them (Clark) suffered a cut above his left eye from the hoof of his pasture buddy (Henry) as they were romping about. The cut was serious enough that the vet was called. In the meantime, Clark was cross tied to prevent him rubbing the wound, so I decided to do some gentle massage around the poll area, thinking the force of Henry’s hoof to be significant enough to give Clark a very big headache.

Immediately, Clark started releasing by chewing, and twisting his lips all around and snorting. I did this for about 15 minutes, and then I just gently stroked his neck until the vet arrived. The vet gave Clark a mild sedative, and during the cleaning, and stitching procedure, Clark’s head rested on my shoulder – this was about a 45 minute procedure, during which time I kept talking to him and stroking his neck and poll area. He was then taken to his stall, where he was closely monitored. I stopped by Sunday to see how he was – the swelling had gone down and he looked fine. I massaged him for a little while and he released more stress. He didn’t seem comfortable with an over-all massage, so I didn’t push it. The techniques I used were all from Jim’s video, and the Reiki I used in conjunction with the massage I learned a number of years ago and find very effective. I learned horses could get headaches by reading Jim’s blog on-line, so thank you, as a result, I could bring Clark some relief.
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Samantha DuncanBooks and DVDs

I started your method before the book/DVDs arrived. You were on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb when I first saw you. I had forgotten about your method and your name reappeared on My Horse Daily a short while back so, I visited your site and watched ALL your videos. I went out to the barn and tried a few of them at the hitching rail with Mac and I was surprised at all the reactions I got from him. Never thought he was that tense. I repeated them almost daily for a week or so then ordered your book/DVDs.

We are active in ACTHA and 8/31 had gone to an event and there was a mini horse drawn carriage event going on at the same venue. Mac was beside himself over the horse eating carriages. Every time they came into view he tensed up. The next day at our home barn I did your method on him and and no sooner did I start he just released for about 10 minutes non stop. I didn’t want to interrupt him. I’d wait a few minutes he’d settle a bit I’d walk up to him and he’d start another release. The next day he was back to normal for him with his releases. We were at a 2 day ACTHA event last weekend and I plan on working on him tomorrow. Today he just seemed too tired. I’ve gotten to Tech. 2: Head Down so far.
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Heidi ThielBooks and DVDs