What I found most helpful: Repetition is how I learn and I appreciate being exposed to the same material more than once in different ways. Makes me curious to know who designed all of the Masterson Method teaching materials. It appears to have some science behind it.

What I Experienced: I’m continually amazed at the variety of responses a horse will express. My “latest, greatest” was with a quarter horse gelding who’s lately become stiffer in the front end and the stiffness was starting to show up in the hind end. After doing the bladder meridian and hind end points, and he just showing me some fidgets and an occasional single lick, I stepped back about 15 ft. from him with the owner. After about a minute he brought his front legs back toward his hind legs, squared up with the legs about half the front-to-back distance he’d normally stand with, extended his neck and stretched his nose to the sky until his neck was extended slightly PAST vertical, held the position for a good 10 seconds, let out a huge sigh/grunt, came back to a normal stance with head down, licking some. The owner had never seen the horse do this before. And, oh yeah, he’s performing well now.