What I found most helpful: The book was very informative and I enjoyed the home study course as a review after reading the material and practicing on the horse(s). I liked the videos because they actually show Jim (and volunteers) working on the horse. I seem really grasp the information better with viewing the videos.

I ordered the book first and then shorty after ordered the video. If I did it over I would have ordered both at the same time because they compliment each other.

What I Experienced: It is just awesome to see the horses release with the Masterson Method whether they be more outward responses by a horse who will release easily in your presence or even with the horses that are more shy or stoic in their release… of course I prefer horses who have a more visible release because that gives me better feedback that I have done a good job in helping them let go of stress and tension.

My experiences have made me realize I need to improve on wiggling when doing lateral cervical flexing and I need to get some tips from Jim on working with bigger horses. I meant to do that in the 2 day; especially when doing the lateral Cervical Flexion but I forgot to follow up on that at the end of the course.