What I found most helpful: The combination of book/manual and lesson videos. I also like the introduction, go practice, and follow up format, and that there is no set due date or time in which we must complete a lesson or the course. And finally, Jim is very clear and open.

What I Experienced: I primarily used my pony to practice on, but also my husband’s horse (both mares). It was interesting to feel how different they are, and how the pony has a lot to say, and big releases, whereas the horse is much more introverted. The pony is also very clear that I am not to go on if she hasn’t finished releasing. Recently, she has started going into “MM mode” and releasing when I pick out her feet. I am finding it a good idea to do scapula releases and hind end from below before the trimmer comes. What I had thought was a behavior issue (grabbing a foot back) was actually a restriction. All in all, I am finding this fascinating, and I am looking forward to attending a weekend workshop this June in VT.