What I found most helpful: I began this course before I attended a weekend seminar. I feel this course helped me tremendously to further understand the methods taught in the book and the dvds. The videos in the home study course were more detailed on how to do each technique. I especially liked the Follow-Up videos to review what I had done during the actual hands-on practice of techniques. Definitely worth the money. And I like that I can keep coming back and using the course whenever I need it.

What I Experienced: I have worked the Masterson method on three horses so far. One was short striding on the rear end. I had worked on him 2x and then did a whole body session a third time after attending a weekend seminar. He wasn’t being ridden during this period. A few days after the third session he was ridden and was sound and taken to a show a couple days later. The rider said she had the best rides on him she had ever had and he wasn’t spooky at the show as he sometimes could be. This horse released a lot of tension in his face (I only had to put my hand on the bridge of his nose and he’d yawn) and he released a lot in his lower left leg during the bladder meridian technique. I was descending down his leg by hairs because he was yawning and blowing constantly.

Overall, I’ve found the techniques to work like magic and to work exactly as described in the books and dvd’s.