I just returned from a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar taught by Coralie Hughes. This seminar not only exceeded my expectations, but also significantly increased my working knowledge of the Masterson Method. Prior to attending the seminar, I watched Jim’s DVD and was having success with my horses. Jim’ DVD is great; however, it cannot give you what the seminar provides. Hands on instruction and critique! Coralie did a great job teaching the method! She emphasized that we were facilitators and the horse does the work, be soft, pressure and release! Since returning home with my new found knowledge, my results have been truly amazing! My horses are so much more relaxed and soft when I’m riding them. If you have only watched the DVD and/or read the book, I highly recommend that you attend the Weekend Seminar – you will not regret it and your horse will definitely benefit. Thanks Jim for sharing the Masterson Method and Coralie for your excellent instruction and guidance!