I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a Jim Masterson 2 Day Seminar in Rhode Island. To put it plainly, it was AWESOME!!!!! As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist working full time in the New England area, I was looking to enhance the skill set that I currently have by adding Jim’s technique’s to my own. After absorbing Jim’s “Equine Massage for Performance Horses” DVD prior to the seminar, I had several specific questions I needed answered regarding a few of the techniques. Jim answered these questions and so much more over the intensive two days of lecture and hands-on work. His delivery was fun, nicely paced and professional from beginning to end. Also, we had the added benefit of a 2nd Co-Instructor in Jim’s protege Marie Riley to add to our educational experience. She was knowledgeable, highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. I received exactly what I was looking for from this seminar. When I returned to my regular client schedule on Monday the improvement in my level of service was immediately noticable to me and especially to my equine clients. With every session I have become that much more seasoned with my freshly enhanced skill set and my horses couldn’t be happier. Regardless if you are currently a working professional or a lay horse-person looking to increase your knowledge for your own horses, I highly recommend investing your time and energy in THE MASTERSON METHOD!!!!!