Ease tension, loosen muscles and increase your horse’s performance with the Masterson Method of Equine Massage. Certified in equine-sports massage and equine-cranial therapy, Jim Masterson shows viewers 24 specific techniques to address muscular tension, spasms and scar tissue in his new DVD release, Equine Massage for Performance Horses. The 75-minute program details Masterson Method, which combines acupuncture, neuromuscular release, stress-point massage, and stretching and flexing. By using the four keys: search, response, stay and release, Masterson help you recognize eight neuromuscular responses of the horse to your touch and how to use those to find and release accumulated stress deep in your horses connective tissues and muscles. By focusing on central-nervous-system treatments, Masterson shows you ways to improve performance; increase mobility and range of motion; free up your horse’s poll, neck, shoulders and lower back to improve jumping, bending and stopping; and how to use touch and the horse’s response to open communication with your horse.

Step-by-step procedures, well-placed illustrations and computer animation ensure viewers and their horses will reap the benefits of the Masterson Method.