I have started the process of getting my horse used for the massage. I began just as in the video and will continue each body part as suggested. I have only gotten to the part that explains massaging his poll with head down. I am working on doing it without a halter. I move the process slowly so he feels that I am doing for him, not to him.

Today he allowed me to bring his head down and massage his poll for the 2nd time. This time his eyes softened and I continued for a few minutes, then stepped back and he shook his head just like in the video! I have used the beginning massage each time. Today when I was riding, he felt like butter. He even offered to stretch his top-line in a lovely, buttery canter. I know this helps him to be loose from front to back already. I can’t wait to progress through the video to see how this helps him move. Thanks for your DVD!